God Help Me, Luv2Shop Is My Co-Pilot!

  1. I had the great pleasure of meeting two of my favorite tPF sisters in New York today, RC & Icechick. However, I'm not so sure the feeling was mutual. Things started out nicely. We had a lovely lunch at Amaranth. Then it was time to head downtown, and RC offered to drive. I had the copilot seat, as Ice was in the back taking care of some high stakes international business. As we headed east across town, some fans even recognized RC and waved at her! Finally, we saw the sign for the FDR drive downtown, bit couldn't make the left turn. I offered, "Oh, don't worry, turn right and we'll just catch it a few blocks down!":nogood: Every route I suggested was either blocked or just a dead end...:shame:. Finally, RC calmly mentioned that I might just be the worst co-pilot ever!:yes: I explained that I forgot to mention my DH's rule rule of driving with yours truly. It's called the Opposite Rule. Remember te Seinfeld episode where George discovers that as long as he does the exact opposite of what he thinks he should do, everything turns out right? Well, if I give a direction, DH does the opposite, and we get to where we're headed. Finally, after starting out on 62nd Street aiming south, we were able to turn around on 96th Street.

    Well, eventually we arrived at our destination. Ice had to do some very quick shopping as her visit downtown was cut short due to our scenic route to the store, and she had a plane to catch. RC's HAC karma was present, as there was a 32 brown box HAC ON THE SHELF:nuts:, and a 28 etoupe goatskin brought out from the back! Neither of these beauties left with us, although RC did look FAB trying on a 30 Lindy!

    RC & Icechick, I loved meeting you, and I hope you each arrived home safely!
  2. LOL! Great story! Congrats on your shopping experience! Could you post some pics of your new aquisitions(Sp)?:wondering: Thanks
  3. What a great get together !!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. What A Blast.....I Should Have Went To NY This Week, Too!!!!!!
  5. how fun! any pics?????
  6. bagluv: Yes, you should have! On the way to Wall Street, I was saying I would like to meet you!
    pazt: No pics of the gathering, sorry! But you should see Icechick rock those skinny jeans tucked into boots, carrying a jige! And the Lady Rocker with her studded leather coat, blacj H belt, black boots, and the most beautifu plisse you have ever laid eyes on! Oh, and some sort of gray handbag...
  7. LMAO - you navigate like me, luv2!!!!!
  8. You Are So, So Sweet:heart: You Must Be Having So Much Fun With RC & Icechick....I Adore All Three Of You:heart:

    Ok L2s ~ Time To Come Home (Further Away From Each Other:nuts:)....So We Can Yenti All Day!!!!!:nuts: ....I'm Being Silly....Have A Blast & I Can't Wait To Hear Everything:heart:
  9. GF ~ You Are Too Funny;) .....Look @ That Avatar ~ So Sweet...I Can't Believe How "L" Has Grown.... & Gorgeous Just Like Her Sister & Mommy:heart:
  10. pics PLEASE!!!!! sounds like you gals had a blast!!
  11. And... how was our co-pilot outfitted?
  12. BAgluv - you're a sweetheart!

    OK - we want more! Come on - details, please! LOL!
  13. What a treasure to meet tPF friends!
  14. Awww!! Sounds like you ladies had a blast! I have had the great privilege of meeting IceChick several times and adore her and am sure that you & RC are just as wonderful! :heart:

    Wait, is RockerChic actually a, well, famous rocker chick? Don't confuse the blonde! :lol:
  15. OMG...box is really making a comeback!!:woohoo: