**Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels**

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  1. mini 50% 688
  2. mini 50% 975
  3. med 50% 995
  4. med blue 50% 1075
  5. Could you please post the private sale link to the givenchy? Can’t see the sale prices just by going to the site. Thanks. :smile:
  6. https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/vip-private-sale/items.aspx

    Let us know if it works, but I don't think you can't access unless invited because I had to log in in order to see the private sale section.
  7. Thanks. I'm able to get in to the private sale with my log in but I don't see those items at those prices--it's possible there were only one each at those prices and they already sold out.
  8. Maybe the really popular ones only had 1 left, but for the most part, they're all still there when I log in. I see some new ones added actually. Get your cart ready so when sale is made public, you can just check out.
  9. This shows up as 30% discount on my account, as well as the other medium goat Panda.

    Maybe the discount depends on the level of spending on the site?
  10. #2440 Nov 17, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
    The link posted was for the VIP private sale which is different (better prices, selection, etc.) from the non-VIP private sale.
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  11. I actually got a private sale link email today and I still don't see those high discounts. Odd.
  12. For certain items, the high discounts are only available for VIPS.
  13. Try this link for 50% off black goat Medium Pandora $1075:

    Try this link for 50% off black wrinkled sheep Small Pandora $875:

    Try this link for 50% off dark blue wrinkled sheep Medium Pandora $995:

    I bought the small one! (I had a small oxblood, sold it, and wanted a black one back.....) Actually I ordered the black goat Medium too, but had them cancel the order because it seemed too impulsive to get two. heheh, I had a black smooth calf medium before too and sold it.....it seemed too big for my every day use. But at 50% off, just too tempting.
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  14. There’s Extra 20% off Farfetch today, there are still quite a few Givenchy bags

    I just ordered a mini black pandora
  15. Just ordered small black in goatskin on farfetch:biggrin: Almost half of the price if I get it from boutique. I Can't wait for it to arrive:heart:

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