**Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels**

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  1. The Pandora sale at Farfetch is crazy! It’s the lowest prices I’ve ever seen.

    Black medium goat is $1075, then additional 20% off, so only $860! Discount automatically applies at checkout. $10 for shipping.

    I bought five Pandora’s in the past week. Including this one at $870. I do not know which ones to keep! I think I need help deciding..... will start a thread......
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  2. Where is this? All I can find is the one at 1.4k --> 1.154k with the 20% off.

    I did see a fig pink one which I was soooo tempted with for $937 --> $749.
  3. Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.24.08 AM.png
  4. Hmm. That is so weird. I wish there were a way that you could see the 50% too!
  5. Could it be that the price depends on the spending of the account? Maybe you belong to a higher tier.
  6. Maybe..... Though I’m definitely not keeping all five of these Pandora’s I bought in the past week. So they’re going to be getting a lot of returns from me after they all arrive! I might keep 2 max.

    I don’t typically spend a huge amount with them. I only order stuff during their sales......Mostly stuff under $1k. I also return over half of the stuff I order. Maybe more than half!
  7. I think the farfetch sale was major for US only, not all countries got these crazy offers. In Russia they had only 30% off plus extra 10% instead of 20% in the US. So I could get the black medium for around 1000euro, which is not great deal.
  8. Just to mention a black medium panda costs 1200-1250 euro full retail in EU for me, plus my local tax of course.
  9. dupe
  10. Harrod's 30% off sale on Heather Gray Mini Antigona just started. It was $1280 or so just yesterday.


    Click on the gray; price is USD $962.01 before all taxes.

    Final price is as follows, not including the customs fee of $100-200, which is cheaper than in the states for the same color.

    Item Subtotal: USD 1,154.41
    Shipping: USD 32.98
    Duties & Taxes: USD 149.77
    Domestic Tax Deduction: - USD 192.40
    Order Discount: USD 0.00
    Total: USD 1,144.76

    This is my first post so I'm sorry for any errors.
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