Jan 16, 2006
Okay don't throw tomatoes at me but I think Gisele's ads are yuck for LV..I was just looking at the Feb. Vogue with her ad in the front..and it looks kind of nasty...I loved Uma..I thought she was fab..I may be the only person in the free world that does not think Gisele is good looking..I think they could have found someone better..just my opinion..sorry!:sad2:
I like Uma as a person, well from the candid interviews I've seen of her especailly on Oprah. She seems to be a wonderful lady, and personally I don't think Gisele has anything on her. Uma was the best.
I personally don't think Gisele is pretty at all and was surprised when I walked into the store and saw her ads everywhere. In fact, I don't understand her appeal and why she's even a supermodel.
I'm vice versa. I like Giselle but I don't like Uma at all. IMO she looks like a frog because her eyes seem to be on the side of her head and she has the most ugliest feed I've ever seen in my life (Kill Bill.1). Sorry.