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  1. Can you believe me :graucho:
    Just yesterday I got the new Tie Dye bag and wallet and just today YES today got the Heritage Pink set and am sitting here dreaming and now wanting the Heritage XL satchel in red/Ger. :sweatdrop: What is this world and I going to do with myself??? OKAY I think I will start a support group called ... PPP = PERSONAL PURSE PROBLEMS
    Do any of you want/need to attend :lol:
    No Kidding, I know if I dont get this I will be sorry so I am going to start saving/selling now for it. Just had to vent :girlsigh:
  2. Count me IN nutz! i think i have been having PPP also... my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy cuz of my purse fetish... i can't help it, I :heart: purses... and i SO :heart: COACH!! I might have to pick up another signature bag also... I really want the CARLY, but i'm trying to sell my one hobo bag on eBay because its just too small...
  3. Count me in.

    I think you need to join the PPPP=PERSONAL PINK PURSE PROBLEMS
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I think you are right. At least now I am wanting the XL satchel in Red :angel: Want Want Want :p
  5. Yep, I will join your PPP group! I am marching back into my boutique tomorrow after purchasing the heritage tote in white today to get some hampton flower items!! It's okay..go get it!!
  6. I will join as well....and I NEED that XL satchel in Red....NEED NEED NEED :drool: And THEN I say I shall try and regain some composure...some sanity. I've purchased 3 bags this month...:wtf: The paycheck's gonna take a hit on Friday. :throwup:
  7. I totally need to be apart of PPP! I have a serious coach addiction and I also NEED the XL satchel in GER!!!!