Ginger--storage suggestion.

  1. I took a cooking class at a tech college a few years ago, and discovered this wonderful tip to store ginger.

    Get a glass jar or bottle (I use a POM tea jar; it's perfect with the pop lid), fill with sherry, and you can keep *fresh* ginger for up to 8 years.

    Anyone else ever heard this?
  2. Does that alter the taste of the ginger?
  3. No, not at all ... it's really genius, if you ask me.
  4. Oh that's so interesting. I wonder if there is anything else other than sherry though.
  5. it's a great tip isn't it. we've been storing ginger like this since i can remember (i'm pretty sure mum must of got the tip from a cooking class as well) i've cooked with both fresh ginger and sherry stored ginger at different times for the same recipie and i can't tell the difference. the best part is when i run out of chinese cooking wine i just use some of the liquid from the ginger sherry. never kept it for 8yrs tho! i just buy 1 root at a time every few weeks or so pop it in the sherry and grate some off as i need.
  6. So do you peel it before dumping it into the wine?
  7. wow I've never heard of this... 8 years is a long time...
  8. Rachel Ray said on her show that you can just ziploc it and freeze it..takes only 20 min to thaw and makes it easier to cut thin also..I tried it and it works like a charm. But I only tried it once cause I grocery shop often anyway.
  9. I peel the ginger because I like to use the ginger infused sherry in other things, but my mother doesn't because the skin just comes off when u grate it anyway but the sherry can get murky, even after washing the ginger, so she doesn't use it for any thing but ginger storage and she strains the sherry to get any sediment out every few months or so when it gets topped up. so it's up to personal preference i guess.
  10. I freeze my ginger as well.... it's really a great idea... easy to grate and easy to slice.
  11. i pop it into a pot filled with earth and it keeps for months. was a tip fr my mum.
  12. I like my ginger peeled. And yea, I can already imagine ginger sherry being good stuff, why waste it? Thanks for your tip!
  13. My ginger starts growing if I leave it alone. Does yours do the same too?