GHD Smoothing Balm discontinued!!

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  1. *sobs a little*...this was a workhorse in my arsenal of styling's fabulous, smells great and lasts forever. Well, almost forever. I went online and poof, it's gone...I asked to be emailed when it was available again and it's not.

    I'm going to try Obedience Cream as an alternative, but will also call Sephora. Anyone know if GHD is Sephora exclusive, or can you find it in other stores or online??

  2. Pursegrrl,
    try calling GHD maybe they can give you a list of salons in your area that carry their products it's worth a try. good luck! I'll keep on the look out on my end.:yes:
  3. Don't worry PG! I have a solution for you! :yes:

    You can still buy the smoothing balm at GHD's online store!

    Now you can tell me how much you love me and how I rock for saving your hair LOL!!! ;)
  4. I Wuv You, Socal!! :tup::tup: Thanks a million!!
  5. Your Welcome PG! :P Love ya back girl!
  6. yup.. i got the notice in an email a couple of days ago.. i had never tried it.. and wanted to.. boo
  7. Ahhh, but fear not!! Check out Socal's reply below: :tup:

    You can still buy the smoothing balm at GHD's online store!