GH lovers.... where do you go from here?

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  1. I've been in a funk since the news broke that they won't be producing GH anymore. No matter how pretty this season's colors are, I haven't been able to get myself to make any new purchases. All of a sudden, the only reason I was able to justify buying these bags -- the style is a classic -- is no longer true anymore. It just feels like some outdated, discontinued bag. It feels like my love affair with Bal is coming to an end.

    I've been going on different forums namely Mulberry, Proenza, Chanel, Hermes and even LV which I thought I had left behind after moving on to Bal. I'm trying to find my next new love, and I am so tempted to purge my Bal collection. Do you think I'm nuts? Should I do it? Will I regret it?

    So I'm just wondering, among the GH lovers, what are your thoughts? Do you plan to hold on to your bags? Do they have more value to you now that they're going to discontinue them? Are you stocking up? Or do you feel the same way I do? Have you moved on to other brands? I guess I just want to know how the GH lovers out there are coping....
  2. I think you're jumping the gun, so hold on to your bags and wait and see what the next season brings.
  3. I am sad to hear the news too. I love my GSH Anthracite. I will definitely hold onto mine....I think the GH will hold their value because I am sure there are a lot of GH lovers out there who will want to buy the bag. I don't like the mini GH as I may even buy a few more GH bags before they are being discontinued. I don't care if people think the bag is "out" long as I like it...I will use it after many years. :smile:
  4. will definitely hold on to my GH bags...just because the original GH will be discontinued (which I doubt, many believe it will still come out as LE and expect higher prices for them), doesn't mean I will let go. It just goes to show that having/carrying my GH bags still despite the fact that they're no longer the "current" style proves that I am a veteran Bal lover and a loyalista to the GH tradition.
  5. You should keep the bag if you love it and not sell it just because it's 'outdated' or 'not popular' anymore. I think you shouldn't let anything affect the love you have for your bags.
  6. I'm holding on to mine... don't care if they're not in style anymore. I love GH bags for how special they look to me. The whole world could say they're outdated and it wouldn't phase me at all, not one little bit.

    So, I'm keeping... and stockpiling. :graucho:
  7. Is it really true? An SA that I asked in NYC said that the RGGH has just been made part of the permanent collection, but I'm sure many of the lovely ladies on this forum know much better than I do, I'm pretty new to the brand..
  8. I'm definitely, absolutely keep mines. The more they're discontinued & hard to get, the more valuable they are, all i know is my love for Bbags is still very strong. To me, Bbags has never been an IN or OUT of fashion, they're 1 of the Classics that you can wear all the time, all year round but not too common as compared to LV that everyone has.
  9. sorry but what do you mean by GH bags ? Is it a model or a kind of hardware ?
  10. For me I'm stockpiling. I'd wish I had known earlier. B.L was on my next wish list but now have to consider the others I've been putting off for ages, the black & silver combo and also the anthra and rggh. Hmmm my wallet is gonna get a bashing at this rate.
  11. I am beyond frustrated with this news about GH getting downsized. I have loved Bal from afar for many years and only recently was finally able to get my first city with GSH. I absolutely love it and my wish list is already growing in my head. Now I feel like I have to somehow try and rush it to get the bags I want or miss out (DH it not pleased with the first option). Does anyone think Bal is doing this on purpose to clear out their GH stock? It doesn't seem like they would need to with the amount of GH lovers out there, but it did get me wondering. While MGH may look good to some, it just lacks wow factor to me. Very sad. <sigh>
  12. To me something discontinued doesn't mean it's outdated, but I guess it depends on people's perspective. I think Bal's moto line is classic regardless it's regular hardware or giant hardware. I do feel the GH are more valuable after they are discontinued. I think this also reflects more or less in the resale market.
  13. My NM SA just ordered me a GH City .... and am thinking of ordering another GH Part Time from Bal Boutique (NM does not carry the color/HW I wanted in Part Time).

    I love GH. I do not think of as it will be outdated instead harder to get your hands on one starting next year .... :graucho:
  14. i dont plan on selling mine because i adore them. nobody around me knows what bal is anyway, so it makes no difference. i cant afford more bags this season, but if i could, i would get more
  15. I don't think GH is going to look outdated. Look at colors like apple longer made but people pay big bucks for the color since it's no longer available. I think GH is classic and will always be in style. To me ggh on black is the prettiest bag combo of all time and I'm gioing to hold on to my ggh black work..I think people are still going to wear it in years to come and who knows? Maybe GH will return the following season? U never know..