Geranium b30 with GHW

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  1. Yah or Nah? I had my heart set on rouge casque or tomato this time but was offered Geranium. My only fear is that I might not like the orange undertone.

  2. can you go see the bag? color is a very personal thing so you should go check it out in person! even if the trip to the store is 2-3hrs drive, I think it is worth checking it out in person before you make a decision.

    When you go check it out, wear color tones you usually you can see how geranium matches with your clothes. maybe you will love it. maybe you won't. But at the end of the day, let your heart tell you (not what other people say)!

    Good luck and congrats! 😊
  3. Geranium is a muted red
    Casaque bright pop red
    As for orange undertone i feel tomate and capucine has more
  4. 👍🏼 totally agree !!!!

  5. If I like the pop red then I probably might be disappointed with geranium. Safe to say? I never really liked muted red but my SA thinks I should still go to see it in person.
  6. I always just felt like I wanted 2 colors for the Birkin. Black and rouge casque but don't seem to have the luck to get those 2 colors.
  7. Casaque very hard now
    Seems stopping atm
    Your sa is right
    You should view it personally
    Give it a chance haha
    Not a bad color actually
    With ghw it will look better
    You can accessories with other details
    Casaque may have to go reseller or secondary market thou as for now
    Geranium closer to vermillion i feel

  8. Thank you for your input!!! Just feel like close but no cigar still.
  9. Sparks first
    Then flame the cigar
  10. You should check it out in person, if you don't like it, wait for the one you want. My experience: I was wanting blue orage, and got offered blue Saphire. I bought it and now I am kind of regret !!!
    Good luck !!
  11. I think it depends on the leather: my Novillo bull calfskin Victoria II in Geranium is bright red. I think you have to see it to decide :smile:
  12. I have both Gerenium and Casaque both in GHW. I was lucky to get a Gerenium B30 during my Japan trip in early May. The past weekend I just got a Casaque from my local store. If you set them side by side, Gerenium suddenly becomes orange red. Howere, if Gerenium is by itself, it looks red. I have also tried on a Tomato of Lindy 26 in the store. It is really red, more red than Gerenium. I think if you really want a true red bag, go with Casaque, if not Tomato.
  13. Don't settle. If you don't love it, leave it. But, you'd still need to take the trip to H to determine this.
  14. #14 May 30, 2016
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
    I like true reds better, and RC is H's best red. I have an Evie in RC and omg it's stunning. Don't settle!
  15. You have to see it in person to determine if you love it more than RC and Tomate. If you are dead set on these two, don't settle. You'll get what you want, patience is the key.

    I love rouge casaque. It's a stunning red. Good luck xx