Garden party tote in rainy weather?

  1. For canvas GPT owners, how well does the GPT do in the rain--light showers, not downpours? :confused1:

    I'd like to take the new canvas GPT out for a spin; problem is we're in the middle of a rainy spell. I was told by the SA that the canvas has been pre-treated for durability and stain resistance, but not sure if I want to test this theory quite yet. Any thoughts from those who have had experience w/the GPTs would be greatly appreciated.
  2. it should be o.k. but the Amazonia is perfect for that
  3. I got caught in the tail end of a hurricane with one. No problem. I would air it out for a few days after, though, as mine smelled like a wet dog for two days.
  4. If your GP is in the neutral toile/canvas, no problem.

    If it is dyed like in chartreuse or rouge imperiale ... it may be a problem. I don't know if you followed my 'defect' rouge imperiale GP story. My GP has been sent back to Paris, because my store manager wanted to show Paris that there is probably a quality problem with adding of colour on canvas.

    And specifically, the resident craftsman at my local H store has said that if I should take my GP for dry cleaning, the colour will definitely fade. And if the dry cleaner is not good, there will be uneven patches on my GP.
  5. Darn, mine is dyed--Chatreuse. I'll keep an eye out for issues--I love the Rouge Imperiale as well. I really hope there isn't a prevalent issue w/the color on canvas; they're so lovely.
  6. Sorry to hijack this thread but how does clemence leather holds up in the rain. I am going shopping today and wanted to bring my JPG but it's raining in Toronto. Is it going to be OK?
  7. Black clemence does fine in light rain, I just minimize the exposure and wipe off the droplets as soon as I get inside. No repercussions...
    That said, I am leery of my Amazonia GP getting wet. It leaves splotches (worst when first wet; fewer after it dries and if you wipe it quickly) that need to be addressed with the special wipes or latex spray.
  8. LV, I'm curious, does the JPG come with a rainkit at all?
  9. orchids, for now ... take care of your GP well. When the verdict is out from Paris, I will post it.
  10. Yes. A huge one :roflmfao:
  11. Hermes Bags and Rain don't mix. Get an Umbrella.
  12. I was thinking that it must be huge! the ones that come with the 35s are already pretty big. :nuts:
  13. I've got one, but thanks for the tip.