Gang I am caving and thinking of going for the Roxbury in Pomme d'amour

  1. I know I shouldn't and that I have enough bags and dh will be furious because I have been doing so well with my ban....tell me some awful things about the Roxbury and maybe I will be discouraged...I just cannot stop thinking about this bag so maybe it is worth breaking the ban for it...nothing else grabs my attention but, this bag is off the is so stunning and striking and the size and shape are different from anything I own....what to do....may just go for it if I cannot stop thinking about this other LV bag as stood out like this for me and bought them more because they are nice and practical and not necessarily wow...maybe I need a wow bag in my collection...
  2. it is definitely a WOW bag :biggrin:
  3. "tell me some awful things about the Roxbury and maybe I will be discouraged."

    Ummm yeah that Roxbury in the Pomme D'Amour is so plain, the color is really not vibrant and sumptuous.. and the shape? yeah it's really not pretty and feminine... :roflmfao:

    Ugh! I can't do it!! I LOVE that bag!! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

    (Sorry, I tried!)
  4. I think it would be a wonderful addition to your collection.
    It is a stunning and unique bag as well.
    If you are not 100% sure though, wait a bit, bc it will be around for a bit.
    It would be a great bag to get for spring.......:flowers:
  5. ITA! Roxbury Pomme d'amour is IRL stunningly beautiful bag mid size can be worn on shoulder or by hand. Don't need to wait for a patina on the vachetta as there is not much of it except on the strap and the handle. Lovely for the Spring/Summer. It's a WOWZA bag! HOT! HOT! HOT!
  6. :yes: Agree. :yes:
  7. Honestly the Roxbury it TDF!! But if you are on a ban I would say hold of for a bit b-cuz the Roxbury is not a limited piece. You've got plenty of time
  8. wait for it a bit, then see if you really want it!
  9. It might be a lot smaller than you're used to, as I remember you have med-large bags....this might be too small for you.

    It is still winter, and since pomme will be here for awhile, why not wait until at least March, if you do decide to get it, that way you got an addition month + under your belt on your ban....then maybe DH won't be so mad.
  10. It doesn't hurt to wait for a while longer, especially if you are doing so well on your ban. When does your ban end? I think it will make a very pretty "made it to the end" prize!
  11. Definitely get it...but wait till spring :smile:
  12. i dunno..I think it's Gorgeous, but to mee kinda awkward to can really carry it as a handheld unless you use the strap. I saw a girl carrying a pearl roxbury this weekend at the bar and it seemed awkward. I don't think I'd be able to get my wrist through the handles....but that's just me..I want to see pics of it as a shoulder bag!

    good luck!
  13. nevermind, I saw jane's pic of it as a shoulder's cute...but I dunno..
  14. I love the look and need a smaller bag yet bigger than my pouchette..I have so many big bags that something different for evening would be nice...think I will get before the next price increase because it is just so gorgeous...then back on the new rule is that the bag has to totally WOW me or else just forget about it....roxbury pomme is WOW...Jane's pic of it made me cave...what a fantastic bag.....
  15. Yes, the roxbury is gorgeous!!! Definitely worth going off your ban :graucho: (LOL) because you can "console" yourself looking fantastic with this bag!!! Try it on IRL and you'll be able to make a better would you be able to resist? Not helping am I? Get it!!!