Galliera PM or Tivoli GM

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  1. Hi everyone...I'm new to the board, my name is Dominique... I'm torn and hope that i can get some help and opinions. I have had my name on the waitlist for the Tivoli for two months and still havent gotten a call...I'm kind of tired of waiting and equally love the Tivoli and Galliera...the only thing is i have yet to see either IRL..and was wandering if anyone had both and which they favor?

    Its going to be a birthday present from my dad for me...and he said hes only getting me ONE haha soo i dont know which one to go with...HELP?:confused1:
  2. I prefer the Tivoli. Just like the look of the bag a little more than the Galliera
  3. I ordered the Tivoli GM and, while it is a beautiful bag in person, it somehow just didn't "do it" for me. I have a Galliera PM on the way, so hopefully that will be a better fit for me. I am surprised you are still on the waitlist...I thought Eluxury had these available now?
  4. Wait for the Tivoli GM, its a beautiful bag! :yes:
  5. Definitely the Tivoli!
  6. i was torn between those two.........and i had both of them front of me.....and my SA and i went ask around other SAs, Galliera PM won!!!!
  7. I say the Tivoli because it has a zipper and a lot of people are complaining about the galliera snap not lining up
  8. I like the Tivoli more because of the zip top. :yes:

  9. I have been on the wait list also but took my name off because I like the Galliera. But now with the complaints of the magnet not lining up correctly with the Galliera, I will buy the Tivoli for sure. I will get it next month while in Paris because I am tired of waiting.
  10. Oops am I the odd one out? I prefer Galliera PM ;)
  11. I have both of these bags and if I could only have one...I would have to choose the Tivoli because of the zip top! (Although I am in LoVe with both of these gorgeous bags at the moment)
  12. Tough choices! I love the look of the galliera. Good Luck!
  13. I'm picking the Tivoli GM. Good luck to you whatever you end up choosing!
  14. thank you soo much just still so torn...i might just leave it up to chance and which ever one i get on my birthday im sure i'll be happy
  15. loveee the Galliera :heart:
    Tivoli just doesnt do it for me