Galliera GM or Montorgueil GM???

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  1. Ladies,

    Which one would you buy and why? I would be grateful for your opinion!

    Many thanks!

  2. I would go for the Galliera GM! :nod:
    it's more beautiful and the shape is unique. i like the handle a lot too, it's different and yet so pretty! the montorgueil is cute too but the shape seems pretty common.

    get the galliera!
  3. Galliera!
  4. Galliera GM. The Galliera has such beautiful details...
  5. I'm a mom of 3 and need my hands free when out with my kids. I vote for the Galliera for not only this reason, but because it's so beautiful! The first time I saw a Galliera on a woman in Vegas, I knew I had to have it.
  6. Galliera GM, I think it would be easier to use, and it looks much prettier IMO
  7. I have the Monty GM and love it, it's a big and comfy bag. But I'd have to say if the Galliera was a choice at the time, I'd get the Galliera!
  8. I love them both for different reasons.
    I know some have complained how the rings on the Galliera turn the vachetta black up on the strap...I don't know - that might make me crazy, but the one-strap situation is very helpful.
    Then I'm not sure if I like the lines going down the front....but then again, it looks stunning....

    On the Monty GM, I like the option that it's also a strapper, but there is the two-strap situation that might be a pain, but seems less high-maintenance because the straps aren't so thick and are less obvious when they patina...?

    Does that make sense or do I sound as confused as I really am?? :biggrin::weird:
  9. I just bought the Galleria and really love it. The single strap is very comfortable. I also like the shape better and I think it might be larger. That being said, I also like the look of the Monty - it is very classic and reminds me of a speedy with handles. I think it really comes down to your budget. I think the monty might be a little less comfy - in other bags I have I do not like the two handles so much. I love my Galleria, and am so glad I got it. But the Monty is on my list for later (esp. since it is one of the cheapest bags, in a few years it might be the only one I can afford!)
  10. I have the Galliera Pm and find I need to take it off my arm to get things out, that isn't as convenient when you have a baby on your hip....whereas the monty you could get in and out easily, and it's less cumbersome that the big GM, also everything gets kind of squished together in the Galliera and it is hard to find things, I love mine and think it's beautiful but it's not totally practical, I think the Monty GM (it's on my list now =))
  11. Galliera for me!
  12. I'd go with the Galliera GM!
  13. I would also go for the Gall, just prefer the overall look of it. I think it's one of the prettiest shoulder bags out there right now. I'm also an all boys mommy:heart: I have 3 lil coconuts, lol.
  14. Both are amazing bags, but the Galliera GM wins out on this one.