Funny story about my mom and Coach...


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Dec 1, 2006
I had a funny story to share about my mom and Coach from this weekend that I just had to share with you guys....

So my mom does not carry or wear designer anything for the most part, and I am sure she would be less than enthusiastic if she knew about my purse obsessions. I am in my late 20s and married and I don't feel our finances and what I spend are her business, so I just carry what I like and don't mention my shopping. :yes:

Lately I have wanted to get her some really "nice" items that she can have for a long time and enjoy, especially since she has has a rough year, so for her birthday in July I bought her a camel soho satchel, and then as RAOKs to cheer her up over the last few months I have sent her the butterfly fob and then later the elephant fob, all of which she loved and appreciated.

Then yesterday I showed her a couple of the cute leather fobs on Etsy at leatherprince that have been discussed over in handbags & purses, and she said, "Oh, how cute! But WOW.... 14 DOLLARS for that keychain?"

LOL so I am :shame: and :roflmfao: because the fobs I got her were marked down to $24 at the outlet - retail $32-38! Not to mention the cost of the BAG she is carrying! I can tell she likes the items I got her, but I guess I just have to hope she doesn't check out how much Coach keyfobs cost! :sweatdrop:

Jan 2, 2008
LMAO! haha, thats cute greenpixie! I'm sure thats how my mom would be too if she knew I spent more than 100 bucks on the pair of sandals that I gave her for mothers day! Sometimes I wonder myself how I spend 24 bucks on a keyfob too, but they are just too darn cute!


Feb 5, 2008
I enjoyed that cute story & I can relate. Well, my mother passed on before I got into Coach but I know that if she were living I would buy her little Coach goodies just like you do. She would be clueless what they cost and if she would have found out she would be enraged!
Anyway I was visiting a professional dance company website and they were selling cute satin ballet toe-shoe key fobs for like $6 ea. and there was a section where buyers could leave comments, most people were really complaining that the $6 price was way too high! I kept thinking that what if they had to pay $24 for a Coach key fob!?
Jul 25, 2007
That is really cute! It must be a mom thing (although Im a mom and Im totally not like that!) - I bought/gave my mom several beautiful Coach leather bags, gloves, sunglasses, etc. So we just got back from a trip to the mall, where she wore her Payless black "leather" purse and her Target sunglasses!!!! I give up! She "saves" them for special occasions. To me, a trip to the mall IS a special occasion!

Toto too

Nov 21, 2006
My mom is like that too. I gave her two nice bags, one she even chose herself, so what do I see when I go over to her house? Some gnarly woven thing that looks like it probably cost about two dollars. I give up!


Aug 7, 2006
LOL...cute story! Donnalynn, my mom is the same as yours! She has received 2 nice Coach bags from me over the past year and wears them only on special occasions. We went shopping the other day and she had her pleather bag again....uh! LOL


More please!
Dec 1, 2006
LOL! At least she was wearing the bag I got her. :yes: I had to urge her to move into it when I gave it to her, though, since I knew she wouldn't make the effort of moving all her junk out of the old bag unless I prodded her to.

Our moms must shop together, because I am all too familiar with the gnarly woven pouch thing she will call a purse.


Mar 11, 2006
LOL aw that is cute and funny. My mom and aunt are the same way, only I think my mom understands my obsession a little better than my aunt. My mom was with me the first time I bought a COACH carryall, and although she would never pay that much, she said if I wanted it then I should have it. I feel bad that she never buys "nice things" for herself so I bought her a COACH gallery tote once and she loved it. I just know that she would never spend that much on herself, and even though material things arent always the best gifts, our moms deserve it!


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
Funny story! I'm glad she loves what you got her. Thankfully $14 any cute keychain and $30 for a coach keyfob are two completely different things. I'd never spend a lot of $ on a keychain, but goodness knows I make an exception for a coach one.

OK Bag Lady

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Sep 12, 2008
I love your story. My mom won't buy Coach for herself but at least she will carry it if I give it to her. She's only bought one Coach that I know of and that's a black siggy hobo pouch that I bought off the bay that she nearly took out of my hands the second she saw it. She offered to reimburse me on the spot. I got another to replace it afterward and I'm giving it to her today for a birthday gift. She only carries small bags and wanted it too. The bag is NWOT so I don't mind giving it as a bday present. She will buy clothes from Dillard's or Macy's but only if they're like 75% off. I think it's a mom thing because I went through a stage with my son where I thought I shouldn't be splurging on me. Then I came out of it and asked myself why I was depriving myself when I work so hard and was putting myself through grad school too. Fortunately, even in that stage I had my beloved Coach vintage.


Jun 22, 2008
That is too funny and cute!

My mom passed on 16 years ago but was the type that carried one bag until it was dead. :smile: I know she never would have bought Coach for herself...but I know I would have loved to give her some Coach stuff.....and hope she didn't ask the price. :wtf: She hated to spend money on herself. I'd say it was a mom thing...but I'm a mom and love to spend money on myself. LOL But only after spending money on my son and's all good.


Sep 15, 2007
LOL, that is really cute! I know what you mean! My mom has Alzheimer's now, but she used to always lecture me spending a lot on "stuff like that" for either me or her...she was into jewelry but not handbags and accessories. She always thought KVZ was high end and pricey! :roflmfao: