Funny SA comment

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  1. its always a two way street when it comes to sales associate/customer relations..

    i think that someone above did bring up a great point about how sales associates might not know everything because they only work once a week..i don't think its just coach, a lot of companies out there have unknowledgeable sales associates
  2. ^^ Agree.
    Some people work to work and some people love their jobs and that goes with any place.

    I'd like for my SA's to be knowledgable about current items but with all the research I put into things, I can't expect them to know everything kwim?
    Anyway, that's getting off the OP's topic a bit I think.

    Regardless, I think the attitude matters the most. I'd rather have a clueless SA that's willing to look around and be helpful than a rude SA that knows it all (again, that goes with any place I shop).
  3. I think it should be required learing that they spend an hour a week on TPF. Call it "professional development" :smile:
  4. :lolots:

    That is so funny... I would believe the oppisit that so one that know the product would be a joy to sell to because they know what they want and know what to expect from the product...

    Well informed clients buy with less work for the Sa because they do not need to ask 500 questions... Now maybe she felt bad because she did not know her job (which is to know the product to help the client)...
  5. haha...that's the reaction i always get...the store manager always says "you know the products better than me!" lol...but she's always very sweet about ordering them for me and then I come show them to her...i think it's a very symbiotic relationship lol
  6. Very true. I wasn't saying that she didn't know enough or anything, I just thought what she said was funny. I wasn't sure how I would be tougher to sell too since I'm not going to be sticker shocked and all. ;)
  7. When I worked retail,(which I LOVED!) other SAs would call me on my days off to ask me questions for customers and I always get approached in stores by other customers asking me questions! I must just have that look about me.
  8. not sure what you mean, I guess I don't understand how it's written, if you don't mind clarifying?

    whether customers have 1 question or 500 I think that it's my job to answer and it's okay but I DO get annoyed when it's the same question over and over. but this annoyance, I don't show on the sales floor because most likely they don't realize they're doing it and cos it's no big deal & just a pet peeve.

    a lot of times when I greet customers the first thing out of their mouth after I say hello is just looking.

    it's like..umm..I didn't ask if you needed anything! and if you're going into the store it's obvious that they should acknowledge you no? and when you need help that's what they're there for. i don't think sales associates are rude unless I ask them something and they are being unhelpfully ..rude, not necessary uninformed
  9. Haha. :biggrin:
  10. That is funny! Hopefully she didn't say it in a rude tone and was more so just a little embarrassed... A lot of people have brought up good points here. Some people are very part time and possibly have another full time job, in which case it's hard to dedicate all their time or devote themselves 100% to knowing all the products and/or services in their store. I've seen this happen, BUT on the other hand, I think if you were working for a great company like Coach that it'd be to the employees advantage to be very knowledgeable about all things Coach. I don't know, there always at least two sides to every coin! Honestly, if I were in that SA's shoes, I would go online and bone-up on my Coach knowledge! I mean that in a positive way too, as I'm always trying to better myself!