Funny SA comment

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  1. I was shopping yesterday at the FP store. The SA was really hovering and making comments here and there. Of course she couldn't remember names of some of the bags. When I told her the names she said (as she walked away), "it's really hard to sell to someone that almost knows more about the product than you do."

    Haha. . .what do you mean "almost knows more". :P I'm not an expert, but I know the names of what you had in the store recently.
  2. An SA in the boutique near me said they have a "team meeting" right before each new floorset and have to prove they know the names and features of all the new bags. Too bad they don't do that everywhere!
  3. LOL....that is too funny!
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I would think that by this point they'd KNOW about TpF, it's members knowledge level and try to atleast KEEP UP with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Too funny! She sounds jealous haha!

    I've had SAs in the boutique and outlet suggest I work for Coach as I know more about the product than some of them do. Funny, but I think I could be good at sales, I would think it would be easier to sell something you love and use and KNOW about! ha!

    Had an outlet SA call the Audrey the Sabrina. Probably happens all the time.
  6. lol, happens to me a lot too...

    who said the comment, lisa? if so, she knows about tpf :smile:

    i called the outlet recently to ask if they have any haileys, and they said "no", and when i get there they did have them... so much about SA's knowing their products...
  7. Oh the SA at the outlets are the worst about not knowing the product.
  8. ^^ yes, but this was at the full price store. Ha!
  9. I'd totally be cool with being a "guest reference customer" if they wanted to try to sell to a person knowledgeable in Coach :0 I'll put em' to the test!
  10. It's true that not everyone that works at Coach is a product specialist. Some people are just new, or they might specialize in another area. I don't think you should be too down on them. Some people care more about the products than others. Plus, if you are out on the sales floor it might take longer to know about newer product if you help with a lot of different issues.
  11. Yeah, my mom and I are pretty well known at our outlet, because we stop in a lot and around Christmas an SA actually brought a man over to my mother and said, "This woman can help you. She has stock in Coach." She doesn't, but I guess the SA's point was that my mother is knowledgeable and would be helpful. My mom did end up helping the man find what he wanted and he was really appreciative of her help. I just thought it was weird that a SA would refer a customer to another customer for help in finding something.
  12. Last time I was at the outlet I was chatting with one of the SA's about different things and she just looked at me and said, 'you really know your stuff, you should work here'. I told her I would love to but it's a 1.5-2 hr drive, depending on traffic. She told me I could work one night a week, lol. I was so flattered and actually considered it but the gas money would cancel it out and the discount would take away my paycheck from my current job, lol.
    It amazes me how a lot of times we know more than the SA's but my guess is that it's just a job for some of them and we are a little more passionate about the brand. ;)
  13. people that already know their products to me, are the best, they know what they want, and if they need assistance they'll ask..for the most part i just greet, give my name, and ask if they need help/what brings them in today..maybe some small talk..

    some customers, what annoys me, is when they ask me how much it is, and then look at the brown tag, and then ask me again..its not going to magically change!!

    same with colors, "what colors does this come in?" does it come in blue?"

    me-only brown, white and black.. sorry

    customer-oh, it doesn't come in blue?

    me- x.x
  14. Lol, I can't imagine how frustrating that would be sometimes.
  15. I always get the "you should work here" comment. haha.