FUEL: What kind of car do you drive?


What does your car run on?

  1. Gas

  2. Diesel

  3. Bio-Diesel

  4. Flex Fuel

  5. Hybrid

  6. Electric

  7. Other (please comment with what it is)

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  1. Was watching CNN this morning and I was wondering what your car runs on.

    My Golf is a TDI, so it runs on Diesel.

    I'm going to attempt to post a poll with this...hopefully it will work!!
  2. i drive a 2004 Toyota 4Runner and get a ridiculously horrible 16 miles/gallon in the city. i just saw gas dip below $2/gallon here for the first time in like a year, though, so that's exciting.
  3. I drive a '06 XC90... I chose the V5 over the V8 b/c most of my driving is just in my little 10km radius and I don't need the extra pep. I love it. It's pretty good on gas (but it's still a guzzling SUV), muuuch better than my other SUVs, most GMC - I've driven about 5 Jimmys and Envoys over the yrs. They're ridic. The V5 is a lot better than the V8 IMO. I have actually watched the needle move in those!
  4. 2006 Toyota Corolla S :nuts: :heart: I get good gas mileage - I filled up on Thursday for the first time in almost two weeks :P

    At work we use gasoline/electric hybrids. We have a few Toyota Prius-es, a couple of Ford Escape Hybrids and a Honda Civic Hybrid. Florida just also got its first E85 Ethanol gas station in Tallahassee. Any car made after 1986 can take E10 ethanol fuel. I prefer the hybrid technology over ethanol, but it's not a bad alternative fuel source, renewable bio-fuel.
  5. My car is a 1998 Rover 214 injection. (1.4 litre)

    It uses unleaded petrol (gas) and i get around 380-400 miles per tank - it costs me around £40 to fill the tank with petrol prices how they are at the moment.

    Petrol here costs 88.9p per litre - 2 months ago it was at a £1 per litre - then the supermarkets went on a price war, luckily for us in the UK!:yes:
  6. I have a Lexus 400 H....I have not filled up in 3 weeks!!! (Mind you its a 2X4 island)....I love my car.
  7. gas...honda civic, so it's good on gas and i hardly ever drive..hate driving!
  8. I just bought a Mini Cooper. I traded in my Lexus 430LS which was twice the size and used twice the fuel. I save $50 per fill.
  9. We have two cars in our household -- a Toyota Camry and a Prius. The Camry gets good gas milage of up to 28 miles per gallon and we only fill it up every other week. We use the Prius for most of our outings -- grocery store, hauling the kids around, etc. It gets about 47 miles per gallon.
  10. I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee -Unlimited a couple of months ago and while I luv the car it is the worst on gas mileage! I'm thinking of downsizing or going for a more fuel efficient car. It only gets like 13-14 miles/gallon! :wtf:
  11. right now- with gas being approx 2.50 .... i use 93...so it costs approx about 50-60 to fill up!
  12. My husband and I chose to NOT own a car.:yes: We ride our bikes or walk, and in the winter, DH skis(nordic) to work. I'll probably take the bus up to work and ski back this winter. (I ride my bike every day 25 miles round trip with 700 feet of elevation gain going up to work in the morning, and usually a strong head wind both ways, as the cold wind off the mountains in the morning switches direction once it warms up during the day.) We save a lot of money by not having to pay auto-related expenses, AND we don't need a gym membership!:lol:

    So for fuel, it would be the food I eat.:P
  13. Pippi, that's great!! I admire you and your husband for your choices. Wow. I bet you all are one of the exceptions :smile: America loves their cars, lol.
  14. I drive a 2005 Honda Civic Si that takes just regular gas....costs me about $35CD to fill up lately.
  15. I drive a Chevy Silverado 1500 Series 4x4 pickup truck. Unfortunately it's regular gas....Chevy started putting FlexFuel in the majority of its cars with this years models...so we missed out by a year. Gas has hit a low of $2.15 out here...so a tank of gas costs around $50 and lasts me almost a month!