Foundation Brushes?

  1. are they a necessity? every makeup artist tells me they are. do you guys use them? and any in particular i should check out (that won't break the bank preferably?) THANKS!
  2. I hate the cakey look of foundation, so to keep my foundation looking natural and not cake like, I start off with MAC liquid foundation and use Mac's flat foundation brush 190.


    As my "powder", I use mineral foundation on top to set it. To apply my mineral foundation, I use a kabuki brush similar to this:


    I honestly was always turned off by the idea of using sponges. The thought of how much bacteria is harboring in them grosses me out to be honest. Brushes are so much easier to clean and dry faster as well IMO.
  3. ^the mac MA told me the same thing, and that sponges tend to waste the foundation, esp if it's liquid. i was actually looking at that foundation brush on the mac site...

    i also hate the idea of thick foundation. sounds like a brush is the best way to get a sheer look.
  4. for liquid and powder foundation, i use MAC's 187 brush. it gives an airbrushed look and you can easily control how much you put on. i highly highly suggest this brush! HTH!
  5. I use the MAC foundation brush on ocassion, but my favorite is the MAC Duo Fibre brush, it's FAB. Sponges are a No, No, because since they are sponges there sole purpose is to soak up whatever it comes in contact with, thus wasting your product and it harbors too many germs.
  6. I have chanel foundation brush and never use it.
  7. The foundation I use YSL perfect touch container is a brush too. I love it to bits as its really light and so easy to apply. Was looking for a foundation for years and this one came along not long ago and its just awesome. It £28 at the airport, thats where I get all my makeup
  8. Bobbi Brown's foundation brush is amazing! It is very soft and makes foundation look very natural.
  9. Prescriptives makes the best one I've ever used. I've tried MAC, Chanel, Lancome, BB, TM and a few others. I found this did what I needed it to do.
  10. I love the foundation brush, it gives a nice even finish to my make up. I have Prescriptives and Estee Lauder's foundation brushes; they both work great.
  11. I have both the MAC and the Giorgio Armani brushes and prefer the GA. It's more expensive but it never leaves a streaky finish, which I find the MAC does occasionally (sort of like paint strokes).
  12. A foundation brush is necessary and I personally LOVE the benefit one. It had high marks on makeup alley, so I bought it and it's great, very soft and easy to clean.
  13. I also have one foundation brush from MAC and it really makes the difference. unlike sponges that absorb the foundation, the brush basically just apply the color on the brush instead of soaking it in.

    Also, instead of applying the foundation with my fingers, the brush leaves my hands makeup free. Also the coverage and application looks very smooth. Its almost like painting your face. The brush helps the makeup blend with your face (especially along the hair line and the corners of your nose) I highly recomment a foundation brush

    I would recommend having a professional put the makeup on for you with the brush so you can get an idea of how to do it.
  14. I have a MAC foundation brush but I hardly use it. I received the Armani brush in a gift set from my friend and I LOVE it. It makes the makeup very can't even tell I'm wearing any with it. I don't like sponges either..I would rather use my fingers because at least I can wash my fingers! The sponges tend to waste the foundation by absorbing it and they just get so dirty. Yuck!
  15. I guess I'll have to give mine another try. I didn't realize they made such a difference. The only reason I got it was while having a makeover @ chanel.