For those who are waiting for Bubble Quilts

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  1. The combination of the smooshy leather of the Bubble Quilt line and the color grey is probably going to be heaven! Can't wait to see it!
  2. nanami: haha i loveeee my avatar tooo, i want to have it, anyway i got this photo from one of the post by a kind pfer also. do u mind giving me a rough idea on the size of this brooch? i cant wait for prefallll !
  3. ooh can't wait, i'm a huge bubble quilt fan. i got the chocolate flap last year, a gray BQ would be heaven!! the girls who got green last year lucked out, those were gorgeous...
  4. Muhahahahah! I guess we have similar tastes, since I love that green baby so much and Stewie~:heart: I think he's the best cartoon character ever!

    I've been carrying my bag so much lately because it's relatively new to me. I so wanted it when I saw other ladies' pics but gave up on getting one. Imagine my delight when I finally found it! :yahoo:
  5. Yeah... I never saw anyone else in NY with green one, not even in other styles. The SAs eyes immediately goes to my bag when they see it too. I can't wait to see the gray one too!
  6. I don't know if it's still there but they had that brooch and something else I can't quite remember now that's in the same line. Perhaps a ring? A necklace? The brooch was HUGE. The oval part alone was pretty big, larger than the size of the circle fingers make when you do :okay:. Lol~ And then with the embellishments on the top, it's really a bold standout piece.

    I didn't even want to have it in my hands or ask the price because I just know it's gonna be super expensive, being it that big. But I can't seem to get it out of my head!!:crybaby:
  7. oohh i want the grey BQ. Anyone know when it's going to hit the stores?
  8. Hi, I just wanted to point out that according to the Bergdorf lookbook, there will be green Bubble Quilt bags after all! :yahoo:

    These are the colors they show for Fall/Act I:

    * bordeaux (burgundy)
    * noir (black)
    * gris (gray)
    * beige clair (beige)
    * vert fonce (dark green)


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  9. ^ Oh, yeah! I forgot to correct my previous statement. Yes, BG ordered green bowlers this fall. I'm guessing NM would be the same way as well? I was confirmed that Chanel boutiques would only have beiges though.

    AND I'd like to point out that this new vert fonce has a different color code to previous green for BQ. I put my name down for this new one, just in case it comes out as nice as previous green.

    It's mostly likely the list for BQ at BG would be full by now. It's been a while I first looked through the lookbooks... And we all know how so many of us have them now.
  10. nanami: the 1st hobo flap is that the big one? or the smaller ones that used to cost $2595? tiaa
  11. ^ Loveaddict, it's the same one. Yes, their prices have gone up $255!:wtf:

    The tote style (new style in the middle) seems much larger than the hobo flap, doesn't it? You can tell by counting the number of the quilts. I'm dying to see how gray BQ would look.
  12. thanks for the update. I love the BQ bowler bag. But the new price is so steep now...sigh!

    I don't mind exploring other colors besides black. Actually, i like the 07 khaki color, the dark beige looks nice too but it gets dirty easily...LOLL
  13. Does anyone know the measurement of the BQ bowler? when will it be available in Paris? I'm so excited about it.
  14. Just wondering is the bq bowler style number the same with the old one? Or, anyone has style number or old BQ bowler? Thanks
  15. The bubbles are great purses. I own a flap and always get comments on it.

    I look forward to seeing the new colors too. I love the classic blacks but it is so much fun to have a purse in a color too.