For those who are waiting for Bubble Quilts

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  1. Everyone knows Bubble Quilt bags would be out again this fall, right? As we all sort of suspected, it is confirmed the prices would be higher than 07. I forget the exact new prices, but the bowler which was $2575 is going to be above $2800.

    And as far as I found out, they would re release hobo flap bag again. Yay! Plus, they would also have a new style, which has a similar shape to the hobo flap. It's more of a tote, with a clasp closure. I think the chains are also shorter on this one and it doesn't have the leather shouder rest either. Since the price was either the same or about the same as the hobo, I'm guessing it's about the hobo flap size, or perhaps a little bigger.

    Lastly, there would be new colors added to this line, ladies! And they are... drumrolls...

    Black and gray! :nuts:

    Well, to be honest, I really really wished they'd have more fun colors like red, yellow or blue but hey, any new color is a good news, don't ya think? And who knows? Maybe Chanel would see how popular BQs are and would continue to produce more later. Let's hope they get the idea and make more bright colored ones starting next year.:yes:
  2. Wow thanks for the info!! I am planning to buy a bubble quilt this fall. Do you know the exact model numbers so that I can make a reservation in our Chanel shops here?
  3. oww thx u so much nanami! i love love love Bubble ligne. i totally agree with u, we need more colorS!!!! i dun wan BLACK =( grey could be good yum2. but from what i heard from u i thx chanel god that maybe this 08 fall BQ is not for me =) thx u thx uuuu chanel gods i have enuf in my list already...all the purple, red, dark pink, grey...yum2.
    i dun like BQ without their leather shoulder rest...n i dun like the strap to be shorter....i like to sling it sometime over my body with my flap hobo...anyway thx u so much again nanami =) hm grey is yummy...
  4. Hm I think vibrant colors would have been nice too. I have the green BQ and i love it. I probably wont be getting more. As much as I love love it, I think one BQ is enough.
  5. I don't know the model numbers. I'm sure they'd know what bags if you say Bubble Quilts though.

    One thing is, you'll have to do some work to find out which store is getting which kinds. I remember how Saks was the only one who had green last time.

    *Note = no greens at all this year
  6. thanks for the info. the "new" colors are black and gray - do we know if there will be any "old" colors?
  7. Yeah, I know... Wouldn't it be so cool if they make all the rainbow colors? I'm still a bit :confused1: about black because I can't seem to picture it in my mind. I'm guessing it wouldn't be jet black though. I'm not 100% sure if the chain on the new one would be much shorter than the hobo flap. It's more like an educated guess. I thought it looked cute though. My fave is hobo flap but something different is always nice to see. We all have to wait till they come out. Who knows it might blow your mind?;)

    BTW, I love your avatar. I saw that brooch at Wynn in March and I fell in love with it. Yet, since I know how Chanel accessories prices have been skyrocketing, I didn't even want to hold it in my hand. I was too afraid to end up coming out of the shop crying how I can't afford that beauty.:sweatdrop: How dumb though... It's #1 of the three Chanel items I saw and can't get out of my minds after that Vegas trip.
  8. I'm not 100% sure because I was going gaga at something else in the lookbook... Lol~ But they are definitely having the same dark beige (olive color) one and chocolate brown of last year.
  9. you would love a grey bubble quilt. it's low key yet still fun.
  10. thanks for the info! :flowers: i :heart: the BQ ligne. i own the hobo flap in the green and just can't get enough of it! i can't wait for the fall season so i can start using it again!

    i think gray in this would be nice. i wonder if the HW will be the matte gold?
  11. Wow, that's great news. I want to see the gray one, it should be really pretty.
  12. Yeah, guys... I'm currently thinking about the gray, as it sounds nice. But I actually wonder if I should just go for chocolate brown, since I don't own any brown bags not counting LV monograms.

    I've been carrying my green hobo flap almost everyday lately, BTW. It has become my THE very favorite Chanel. It's the perfect size for my everyday need and I love the color too much. All Chanel SAs like to comment on it, as not many places got the green ones.
  13. I'm dying to see pictures! Sneak(y) preview, anyone?? :smile:

    Are these still going to be released in May?
  14. You are making me want to carry mine now! :P I guess the green is good to carry in the spring also?! I've been mainly carrying my glazed lambskin bags around. Poor Mr. Green is neglected!!! LOL

    You are right, that the size is perfect for every day, and that not a lot of places received the green one.
  15. This is great news. I am excited to see the grey, but I do hope that some fun colors are premiered in future seasons.
    I adore the green flap from last fall, I get so much use out of that bag because it is so practical and pretty. I didn't realize how rare that green was but I guess it makes sense since I have never seen a lady carrying one in NYC.