For Moms: Easy-Bake Ovens recalled

  1. should we be surprised, it has always been a fire hazard wiating to happen
  2. oh wow, I'm actually shocked! Only because it was my favorite toy that I never got and to this day, I still want one, LOL!
  3. Wow!! I heard about that on the news. Me and my Daughter 'cook' cakes/cookies with it together, so she has my supervision. Plus she has someone to share those yummy treats with Although they are so tiny to start with.
  4. me too!! jen, are we both graduating this year?
  5. boo noo :sad: i have to keep on truckin' for another year and a half (maybe two but I want to try to finish early). are you done in the spring? or after this quarter?
  6. I never had one, but those things are sold with a plastic arm to put things in and out of the oven, right? And kids are supposed to use those things with adult supervision?

    Is this recall because of a defect of the product, or is it because it's just not safe?

    (Wouldn't the instructions say "Warning, do not stick your hand or fingers inside the oven"?)
  7. It's probably because little kids who operate it without adult supervision stick their hands in the oven part...and the parents hold the company responsible.
  8. I made little fake brownies and cakes with my Easy Bake Oven back in the late 60's! I'd be in my room for hours, hot light bulb and all-brings back memories! I'd give them to my dad when he came home. He always said "Yummy!" and probably dumped them in the garbage the minute I left the room.
  9. Same here!!
  10. Hmmm, the old EZ Bake Oven was better...No door, you just shoved the pan through and the lightbulb cooked it. Yum!

    I still have my old ez bake oven...and it still works! :biggrin:
  11. my parents never had enough $ to buy me 1 of those when i was younger. :crybaby:

    now that im older, i have a real one.

    yet, i hate cooking. lol
  12. My parents didn't have enough money either when I was younger, but my grandmother bought me one for Christmas one year. :smile:
  13. Uh-oh, I just bought one for my neice over the weekend! :wtf: Thanks for posting this..I'll go wrestle it back from her! :p
  14. CRUD..I just bought my neice one of these for Hannukah!EEK!