For Gryson do you like your bag?

  1. I fell in love with the Gryson Skye after I saw it IRL at a bridal shower last week. I just kept staring at it!!! Anyway, I know there are some Gryson fans do you like this brand? The leather looks smooshy and soft. Is yours holding up well? Any dislikes?

    Thanks for the info.....


  2. I have a brown skye and i :heart: it! It's very versatile. I like the leather and the structure.
    However, what I am worried about it are the buttons on the side. My skye is only about two months old but the side buttons seem to get more lose. That's not difficult to fix and I am not worried much.
    I think you should get it! :tup:
  3. Love the bag. I have a Skye in smoke and Olivia in Chocolate. Leather is terrific and I expect that they will hold up well and likely soften over time. The design is quite clever, while keeping a clean shape. I think the quality is excellent for the price, especially if you are lucky enough to get it on sale.
  4. I'm a huge Gryson fan. I have:
    Camel Skye
    Citrus Linda
    Black Heidi
    Maroon Ava.

    I love every bag but my Skye is my favorite. It's actually my favorite bag over all and i'm thinking of picking it up in another color.

    The size is perfect for my needs (i pod, blackberry, cell phone, wallet, large sunglasses case and misc) and the style is great. I especially love that the handles have stretched out over use and i can carry it on my shoulder comfortably without using the "shoulder" straps.

    But really, all of the Gryson bags I have are just stellar.
  5. the only thing i didn't like were all the straps and having to arrange them in order to get in and out of the bag easily...they're beautiful bags though and the leather is amazing!
  6. I love mine and definitely want another. The leather gets better with age too! I'm a HUGE fan. is doing a 30% off special today with the code Rare30. The carry Gryson:
  7. I'm sure I'm the last to know, but Joy Gryson was the recently the Director of Design and Development for Marc Jacobs. Her bags should be top notch.
  8. Gryson's are awesome! I just ordered a Tutu in Cerise and I have never paid that much for a purse in my life but with this brand I feel it's worth. The quality is outstanding.
    I have a Skye in Woven leather and a Tate (which is an exceptional bag). The linings of Gryson's are a luxurious but thick and sturdy Suede that looks just as good as the outside of the bag. Can you tell I LOVE Gryson bags!!
  9. Thanks for everyone's response. I think this is going to be my next bag!!

  10. Add my name to the list of Gryson fans! I have:

    Olivia in white with brown trim
    Skye in Cerise and Military
    Amanda in white
    Lexi in loden

    I am currently lusting after a woven Olivia, or a nylon Olivia. Also for dressier times either an Issa or a Beca...Anyway, I think Gryson is amazing in its quality for the price. All of my bags are getting better and better with use. As far as problems go, in the beginning I was troubled with getting in and out of my Skye (my first Gryson). The strap vs. zipper battle mentioned earlier in the thread. I quickly got the knack of it, and felt from the beginning that the gorgeous look of the bag made this little frustration way worth it.

    I am currently waiting with bated breath for the premiere of Gryson's online shop. I hear they have excellent customer service, so I'm thinking it'll be great to be able to buy direct from them!
  11. Gryson isn't selling yet through their site though. You can find them here: And they have a 20% discount with the code Rare20 that you can use all the time. Enjoy your new bag!
  12. Gryson bags are amazing. Highly recommend it!
  13. I have a black Gryson Skye and love it.:love: I get compliments all the time on it because the handles are so unique. I keep thinking about getting another one. The weaved bag looks amazing.
  14. I think I might be in the minority, but I had the Skye for a while, but ended up selling it on eBay. I loved the look of the bag, and the quality is amazing, but I hated the straps and handles. The straps dug into my shoulder, and the braided handles made marks on my arms. I could never get comfortable with the bag. I also don't like the latches on the Ava and similar styles -- too much to fidget with. But I do think the bags are gorgeous and well made.