for baggaholic (red crocs)

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. here we go
    1.) rouge vif on niloticus skin
  2. OK, I need to get this bag sometime during my lifetime.:nuts: Seriously, if I saw this bag at H on the shelf, I would probably pull out my wallet and get it...
  3. :love: :heart: :love:
  4. Me too, only my wallet would be empty at the rate I've been going.....
  5. 2,) rouge vif on porosus
  6. rougeH
  7. braise
  8. Are you torturing us Lilach?!:nuts:
  9. It HAS to be porosus for rouge Vif. INSANELY goegeous!
  10. wait here is a better more true to realyity pic of rouge viv on porosus
  11. OMG!!!!! Lilach, you are torturing us!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks, Lilach... Oh, baby I am in love with rouge vif... :love: :love:
  13. Here's a pic for Bagg ......

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous color. Im in:heart: :love: .
  15. *panting* *hyperventilating*
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