Footpetals products?

  1. In one of these shoe threads one of you ladies recommended Strappy slips by footpetals to help with peep toes.

    I'm curious as to what other products you guys have orderded. I want to order (3) of the Stilletto Survival kits but not until the PF weighs in. :yes: :girlsigh:
  2. I have these [​IMG] one pair of my sandals. Very comfy, My feet dont slide so they work well. They just give me a little cushion :smile:

    I have these [​IMG] in both my red and blue shoes I just got because my heels were sliding up, they work great.

    I just bought these [​IMG] yesterday and put then around the peep toe part so my big toes isnt rubbing anymore. My are clearthough and so far so good.

    In all my pumps and heels boots I have insoles, make my shoes comfy and help when i'm wearing nylons.

  3. I really like all of the products I've tried, and I've tried the first two listed above. The extra cushioning is well worth the price - you can really feel it.
  4. I second all the products that Bag Fetish posted above.:yes: I've used all of them in different pairs of shoes depending on what extra little fix the shoe needed. I didn't know they came in clear, so I expect that will be my next footpetal purchase!!
  5. Bag Festish,
    where did you buy these products?
  6. I've bought mine online but I think can get them at Bath and Body Works.. Go to and click on store locator
  7. Nordstrom carries them also. Until Sunday, July 30--they have a bunch of the Foot Petals products on sale! If you don't have a store near you, you can buy them online too--great deals!

    I think the Stiletto Kit may have stuff in there that you may not use... So you might want to try out the individual things first. For example, I really only use the Tippy Toes thing from them, but not their other products.
  8. does dr scholl also carry the same products? I bought a lot of the same items from dr scholl.
  9. I got mine at the local drug store, but I know sears has them. I'm sure walmart or kmart might have them (not 100% sure i dont shop at either of those stores)
  10. i also ordered these from online. Haven't not yet received though. Will report later.
  11. thanks for the link. I ordered the strappy strips, tip toes and cushions. I'm going to try them on my five pairs of problem shoes.

    I :heart: the PF-you ladies :rochard:
  12. I got the strappy strips couple weeks ago and put them on my brand new prada sandals, and voila, no blisters on the back of my heels!!!
  13. I have the tippy toes for the ball of the feet and heavenly heelz. I ordered them online and when I got them I was suprised how thin the cushioning was. I expected it to be thicker.

    Dr. Scholls makes a heel one very similar to heavenly heels only noticably thicker so I would suggest.... if you have a lot of room to fill in the back, get Dr. Scholls but if the shoes are only a hairline big or just to stop blisters from the back of the shoe, use heavenly heels.
  14. sells these. I've been tempted to try them myself.