Flower zipped tote

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  1. I bought this bag, and immediately it started to sag when put down. I could see the structure giving out, and I knew those corners were going to be a nightmare, so I sold it.
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  2. Such a shame. The bag itself is sooooo gorgeous. Really wish it had sewn corners...
  3. I haven’t had any problems so far. I love this bag. I use an organizer inside and it works great. I’m not worried about the corners. In my own experience, LV is great at taking care of loyal customers. If something happens with the folds, I’m certain LV will make it right with replacement bag or new bag.
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  4. Hello. I currently have this bag on order. I keep seeing there may be potential issues with the corners. I hadn’t noticed that these can become a problem. Would someone be able to determine if they some vulnerable to coming undone or fallen apart. I just assumed they were tightly sewn in?
  5. The folded corner don't come undone, but are very susceptible to wear and tear. Over time the pattern may rub off and/or develop holes and cracks on the canvas. There are several threads that discuss this and show photos with evidence.
  6. Wow ok I will try to look for those threads. Thank you for the information.
  7. IMG_3390.JPG IMG_3391.JPG
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  8. I just received the MM zipped flower tote! It's beautiful!! : )
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  9. I just received my Flower Zipper Tote PM today and absolutely love it!!! I'm 5 4" and the strap is too short for me to wear crossbody, so I use my bandouliere xl strap which is perfect!!! IMG_8575.jpeg
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  10. 4938A7DC-323C-4594-AD6D-94BE7DD98F71.jpeg Just picked up the Flower Zip Tote PM and simply adore it. Yes, the strap is short, but I can use the adjustable strap from the Neo Noe or the monogram strap from my Pallas BB to make a great Crossbody! I will also use an organizer inside. The only downside with this bag is that the bottom is narrower than the top causing it to crease or dimple somewhat. Still love it!
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  11. B4729DA3-4369-4AFA-8C62-E9F526648AF9.jpeg I purchased this strap extender from Etsy to convert this bag to Crossbody. It’s perfect now.

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  12. I am torn between this and the pallas bb. Do you have any recommendations on which you prefer?
  13. The Pallas BB is smaller but has a longer monogram crossbody strap. The Flower tote PM is larger but has a shorter strap, that does not go crossbody. I prefer the Flower tote because it is a little bigger but I have them both and really like both of them. I ordered the strap extensions from Etsy. Flower1.jpg Pallas1.jpg
  14. Thank you! This was very helpful!
  15. i just got this a couple of weeks ago and am in love! may i ask what organizer you use for it and does it impact how much you can put into it?