Flower zipped tote

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  1. Has someone tried this on? Any comments? Pictures?
  2. I played around with it at the store today. It was one I was excited to check out but it wasn’t for me. The MM seemed a little small and I didn’t really love the side details with the fold over. I had the Montaigne mm and flower tote out for comparisons. I will say that the outside pockets were really nice and convenient.
  3. Was the shoulder strap long enough to wear crossbody? How roomy was it? Compared to Neverfull mm?
  4. This one? Pictures are always helpful.

  5. If you do mean the one pictured above, yes I have tried it on. The strap is nice and wide quite comfy, not long enough for crossbody imo, but subjective of course as you may be taller or like the bag to sit at a particular point. Best to try it for yourself. I did like how soft and smushy the canvas was. Not a rigid bag.
  6. The neverfull mm can fit much more for sure just because of the open design of it. The strap is very comfortable because of its width but not long enough crossbody. You should check them out, you might like it.
  7. I purchased this bag online and received it Wednesday. I bought the BB size because it was supposed to be a longer drop for a crossbody. When the bag arrived I couldn't believe how short the strap was. I measured the strap and it had the 15 in. drop instead of the 18.5 in. drop as stated on the website. I called CS and told them they sent me the wrong strap for my new Flower Zipped Tote BB. I was told they had it wrong on the website and the BB wasn't coming with the longer strap. I was shocked.....I actually thought they were just saying that to kinda blow me off. WELL.....I called a NM LV store and spoke to a super nice SA. She said that they noticed the same thing and that the Flower ZipTote BB they had in stock was the same shorter strap as the MM bag. She even took the bag out and checked again to make sure. Soooo the BB CAN'T be worn crossbody. I was really disappointed. It's a really cute bag and the Noir is beautiful. If you are wanting a shoulder bag it's great, but if you are a crossbody girl......it's not the bag for you. :sad:
  8. I bought this bag today in Noir and MM size because I was looking for a daily bag big enough for all my items plus baby things. It’s a good size and I love that it zips and the front pockets are great. However the long strap is too long for me since the bag is pretty big and I felt that a shorter shoulder strap would be more suitable on this bag. It feels awkward to wear this bag in MM size crossbody, but it’s still great to have that option for when I need to be hands free.
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  9. Can you send a picture so I can see how it looks crossbody . I have to order online so I am not able to see it beforehand. Thanks!
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  10. I too am having a hard time getting a true measurement of the strap. First I was told 38 inches length then a lady video reviewed and said 32 inches then I asked again a LV rep and told 37 inches. So confused. So what is the measurement from clasp to clasp?? If you have pic of attempted crossbody please post. TIA
  11. I tried it on in store but have a hard time remembering if this was the MM or BB.. I think it was the BB.. I am 5’8”

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  12. Sorry, I didn't take photos and I already shipped the bag back. There was no way this bag was going to be long enough for a crossbody for me and I'm not tall. I'm 5'2".......I'm not thin but I'm not heavy or large chested. I tried the bag with my Mono 16mm strap and the strap from my Noir PM.......both straps looked great with the bag but I was so bummed that the strap that came with the bag wasn't what they represented on the website. I just decided to return the bag. It's a really cute bag and I love the soft canvas they used on this bag but it's too pricey of a bag to have to use a different strap to wear it crossbody, which is the way I intended to wear it. What is crazy is even after I called CS and they told me the website has incorrect information on the strap length they still haven't corrected the website information. I'm sure there will be a lot of surprised people just like I was when their bag arrives and they see how short the strap is. :annoyed:
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  13. At first I was so excited about this bag. I thought I finally found a monogram bag with zipper, that is roomy enough and can be worn crossbody. But no :sad:
  14. I’m sooo disappointed to hear this bag can’t be worn crossbody. I wonder if two strap extenders would work to get the proper length for crossbody? Or if there’s another strap to make it work?

    Although at this price point for basically a monogram bag I’m not sure I want to spend more to make it work....

    Is the interior fabric or the suade looking material?
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    It has dark microfiber lining.

    I don't think a strap extender would work with the strap that comes with this bag. It looks great worn crossbody with the 16mm mono strap or the noir and mono straps from my PM's. I just felt for $2000 I wanted it to come with the actual crossbody strap they claim on the website. That is why I decided to return it. :crybaby: