Flat Kelly

  1. Hi Ladies, Createursdeluxe on eBay has the 35 Flat Kelly Rose :love::love: Swift with PHW on sale!!!! Check it out.

    I think I'm gonna die on this one :tender::tender:. I WANT, WANT, WANT IT!!!!
    Does it cost too much?
  2. omg I saw one in HB today and my first reaction was...squashing...a kelly....?!?! I know it's meant to be folded, but I worry about how it will crease over time.
  3. Hahaahhahah... You're funny Neeya.
    Hmmmmm... I didn't quite think of that :shrugs:.
  4. Oh good! Shopmom! I can see that you're here. What do you think?
  5. I saw that one in paris,and its really pretty for me,and the rose dragee is just too pretty for summer too:drool: and i think the flat kelly is very modern ,if u wear jeans u can carry it perfect,and i saw the orange one also and that just TDF!!!!I dont know the price at CTD but in paris was around 4800 euros:idea:
  6. What's the point in folding it when you can't put anything in it once it's folded? Silly! Does it fold up simply so you can store it? Maybe I'm being very dense, but I just don't see the point. I TOTALLY get the idea of adding something new and innovative to shake up your collection, but the design seems to me to lack detail...I think this fad will pass. Sorry Tricia! It's a gorgy colour, though!
  7. Thanks V for the info on price :flowers:

  8. May be handy if you travel and want to pack it into a suitcase?
  9. I love the lady like look of the normal kelly... a 35 cm in swift (and unstructured and foldable) would kill the look for me... I cant do it...

    Rose dragee seems to be a chameleon colour, it looks grey on CDL's and lilac on Mightykismet's.
  10. here's a thought - the runway model is shown folded and belted. the belt that closes this kelly is NOT long enough to go around the kelly when folded, so the runway kelly is shown with an EXTRA belt that the folded kelly does not appear to come with. people are going to think they can carry it around belted like that, as a clutch, when they cannot, unless the extra belts are sold separately.
  11. Its more like lilac/lavender:wlae:
  12. I saw a Kelly Flat at my store in rose dragee swift, I thoght it was more pink. It looked like very very pale marshmallow pink.

    I don't like the colour at all.
  13. The KF is really practical for travel, that's its main purpose: the kelly-in-the-suitcase. The runway models aren't wearing it in the way it's meant to be used (because all folded up that way you wouldn't be able to fit anything in there!) - they were only holding them that way to demonstrate how pliable they are.
  14. Me neither. It looks like wet salt water taffy. And it's terribly impractical - a dirt magnet!
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: welt salt water taffy!!!!hahahaha....,ok,Tricia,I bet u are asian too,I think most asian pp love the color,baby pink,baby blue etc....,i took a pix of my rose dragee birkin,and all my friends said thats light lilac,so i can post again for u,u can see if u like it.