First reveal on tPF. :)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    This is my first reveal on tPF and my second LV purchase. My DBF and I travelled to Amsterdam on Saturday and stopped at LV.

    I was very happy because it was such a great buying experience. We browsed for maybe five minutes before a SA approached us. She was amazing, very helpful and just really made the experience even more wonderful.

    I only tried on two styles of bags (but maybe I should have milked it and tried more on! Haha) and I ended up getting a different purse than what I had originally thought I would get. :smile: It was a lot of fun though, and the bag now has an amazing memory associated with it. I ended up leaving the bag after purchasing it at the LV as we wanted to explore Amsterdam some more and I forgot to ask to get it heat stamped! Oh, well. Next time. :graucho:

    Any guesses? :biggrin:

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  2. What is it? What is it? Speedy? :woohoo:
  3. here;)
  4. Speedy
  5. neverfull?
  6. Not a speedy!

    Here's a better hint! ;)

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  7. delightful!:woohoo:
  8. You got it!!! :yahoo:

    I originally went to LV thinking I was going to get a Neverfull MM in mono because I wanted a large purse that I could use for travel/going back to school but I ended up falling in love with the shape of the Delightful MM. :heart:


    My SA was amazing, she let me play with both sizes of the Neverfull (GM was way too big for me) and then at one point I had the Neverfull MM on one side and the Delightful MM on the other to see which suited me best. She even brought out some books the size of my laptop etc to see how the shapes of the bags changed. She was very kind and patient, and was happy to help me however she could. She kept telling me to go with my heart (because my heart kept saying Delightful while my head kept saying Neverfull).

    It's such a beautiful bag and I'm so happy with it! I have a DE Speedy so I'm really excited for vachetta. :love:

    Here she is with my laptop, iPad, wallet, and a magazine. I probably won't be carrying this much in her when I go back to school (most likely just the laptop and a clipboard). I'm so in love with her!

  9. Congrats! LV Amsterdam told me they don't do heatstamping on saturday so no problem you forgot.
    Enjoy your bag!
  10. Lovely. Congrats. Wonderful purchase. :smile:
  11. yay nice!
  12. Congratulations! Enjoy... :smile:
  13. congrats! it's a great purse! enjoy;)
  14. Lovely bag!.. congrats.
    Please can we see modelling shots?
  15. Congrats ..... Love this bag :heart: