First post, my (modest) LV collection and suggestions for the next?

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  1. Trevi...I love this bag but still have not taken action. On a ban right now ;)
  2. Well, looks like my dilema has been solved!

    Took a look at the Ribera MM IRL and while I love it (and all structured bags, for that matter), at 5'2" and a featherweight soaking wet it looks awkwardly big... Re: Duomo which I love (but is also big) - per my other post, I sinned and elux just sent my Azur Zippy Coin Purse shipping confirmation :wlae:which technically should put me on a ban

    So.... conclusion: The more I wear it, the more I love my Azur speedy 25... I figure, Ebene 25 is a classic is the most logical (and cost responsible) solution for now!

    And... Ill be the first in line for the Mini Ribera if it ever debuts in Azur... to replace my azur mini pochette which I currently use as a clutch :graucho:
  3. Welcome to the forum and beautiful collection! I think with Damier, you can't go wrong -- can't wait to see what you add next!
  4. I agree, Trevi is a pretty great-looking bag or Mahina XS in denim. My first bag was the damier papillon, not the speedy either! OT: I love your little dutch bunny btw! Have you checked out our bunny thread?