First post, my (modest) LV collection and suggestions for the next?

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  1. Been lurking for eons and figured its finally time to come out of the shadows and say hello :wlae:

    Been collecting LV since '04 (picture with bad lighting attached)

    Epi Montaigne Bag
    Epi Pochette-Tresor International
    Epi Pocehtte Accessoires
    Nomade Pocket Organizer
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessoires
    Sunset Boulevard

    Looking to add a Damier piece for the fall and torn between the speedy 25, the Ribera MM and the Duomo :love:

    I just picked up the Azur speedy recently for summer (SAs couldnt believe that my first 'real' LV bag was the Montaigne, and not a speedy :flowers:) I love how casual a bag it is (stuff it and go) but am leaning to something more structured for fall I think.

    Hardly ever see Riberas and Ive *never* seen a Duomo in the wild... even in Manhattan! (A search for Duomo on tpf only brings up one picture :wtf:) so, Im wondering.... where are all the Duomos hiding??? What's the consensus on Speedy vs Ribera vs Duomo? Pros/cons on the Ribera/Duomo for everyday use?

    Obviously the speedy would be the more economically sound choice but Im well below the national average number of purses owned by an american woman and it would be an everyday bag that I would love and beat the $#%* out of in a soft and loving way :love: <insert mild justification here>

    So, random informal poll: For an everyday fall bag, which would you choose?


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  2. Welcome to TPF! I was unable to see the picture of your collection?
  3. Welcome ! :yes:

    Have you considered the Trevi ? I got my PM a little over a month ago and I cannot stop raving about it, it's handheld and a shoulder bag, and since its damier, it will always look fabulous. And I'm a big fan of beating the stuffing out of my bags.. lovingly of course ;)

    Personally, on Speedy vs. Ribera vs. Duomo, the best looking of the bunch is the Duomo. They are all hand held though, which is my biggest worry for every day, but if you don't have issues with that, any of them would be awesome !
  4. Trevi PM or Berkeley is an excellent choice :yes:
  5. Hi Alya,

    While its a beautiful bag, I haven't really looked at the Trevi - not a big fan of pleats (this may be the result of a traumatic experience involving pants as a child :shrugs:), tho Ill admit to being envious of all the pleated denim bags I see in Koreatown every day.... its funny how things that completely turn you off look GREAT on other people!

    Im not overly concerned about the handheld aspect, Im assimilating into NYC culture and learning how to get everything delivered so I generally travel light (grocery trips with the speedy on the subway can, admittedly, be interesting) but, I figure I can carry the Montaigne strap for those sort of occasions - or cave and trade whole foods for fresh direct :graucho:

    Is the Ribera difficult to get in and out of? I know this was one of the things that turned me off of the Epi Jasmin and the style seems so similar.
  6. Haha.. hilarious ! I mean.. so sorry to hear about pleated pants. :P

    I don't personally have a ribera, but I think part of the thing about the epi Jasmin being difficult to get in and out of is that it is a little stiffer. The ribera should be a little more forgiving since it is canvas.
  7. Wondering.... with the Damier Neverfull being outed this fall, is there any talk of a Damier Monty? :shrugs: Im thinking excaliber here.....
  8. you need some monogram in there!!!!! cute little collection you got started!
  9. Great collection!

    Go for the Duomo ... classy bag and not too common!
  10. modest but chic and thats what counts!
  11. I would go with a Tivoli. I bought mine a little over a month ago and I love it! I've never received so many compliments over a bag before...
  12. Trevi or Tivoli! Both gorgeous bags! Good Luck!!!
  13. damier is a cool pattern, I get many compliments when I wear it and notice it when I see it - - -enjoy your shopping, and welcome!
  14. its a nice collcetion..whats next?:graucho:
  15. I have the Ribera MM and LOVE it! It is classy! I'd have to look at the website since I cannot picture the duomo. I have never been a speedy person until the mirage came out last year!
    Go for the Ribera, it is great for everyday use and easy to get in and out of. Plus, it is unique since it is a bag that not one everyone is carrying.