First Dibs from Neiman Marcus link!

  1. Posted this in the CL forum b/c there are some CLs for pre-order, but there are also some cute Manolos and others!

    This is a best customer link for new arrivals....things that others don't see I guess? I don't know. I got the e-mail so I'm posting. LOL
  2. Thanks! The two Manolos are very fun. I love the bright pink & orange one.:tup:
  3. If I had somewhere and something to wear the feather Manolos with!! I kinda like the CL wedge with pick and black patent. Fun but not too casual. Kinda high $$ though. I sent my black and white espadrilles back, so I may need a replacement for that type of shoe....hummmm. Anything that you could use Asha;)
  4. I am ALL over the Valentino bow sandals - I missed out on last season's red satin number :crybaby:and have craved them ever since!
  5. I saw those too, I thought they were very sophistcated looking.:tup:
  6. I may have to get those wedges. What do you think about them! I think it's fun but with some polish.
  7. Those feather manolo's SCREAM my name! :woohoo:
  8. These also remind me of Valentine's. Super cute.
  9. Are they not fabulous??? I would have so much fun wearing those!
  10. Wow! Thanks for posting...lots or pretties! I like the bow Valentinos a lot!
  11. I am a CL girl usually when it comes to heels and none of the ones on the first dibs link jumped out at me-surprisingly the Manolos did! I think the floral and feather one are beautiful!
  12. Are we sisters?? If I got those feather shoes my DH would accuse me of stomping on a parrott or something! They would be awesome to have in the closet though. Oh my a coctail party with a black dress! Shut UP!!
    The florals would go with a lot! Becase of this mix of colors you can pair them more than you would think.
    I have a pairs with browns and tans and violet and maybe a hit of pink and I have not ever worn them and not gotten a compliment. A guy I work with said if he was a woman he would wear those shoes!!! Ha Ha!!:roflmfao:
  13. Here are a few more MB just posted at NM. Anybody like anything??
    NMX0797_mt.jpg NMX0796_mn.jpg NMX079C_mn.jpg
  14. It is so sweet of you to share the link! Thanks!