First Chloe purchase help?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm in love with this Paddy satchel (and am new to the Chloe subforum) :yes: :yes: . Is this a good one for a first Chloe purchase?
  2. You know, I never cared for that style but in that color (tan) I love it! FYI that there are two sizes, a medium and large, and the large is huge. If that is the pic from (or, it is the large size.

    If you can find it on sale somewhere definitely buy it, unless the retail price doesn't bother you.
  3. The first one is usually the Whiskey Paddington Satchel but if you like that design get it. I wanted the lock to show really well down the front of the bag which is why I went for the above's a Chloe classic.
  4. The pictue you have up is the medium pocket paddy shown on both the NM & BG websites (the straps go vertically down the sides of the bag whereas in the large the straps go around to the front.... the large is like the mousse one Bark just posted as getting in her thread). The medium is 1620.00 which is the one you have the pic of. I have the medium pocket in Black and love it (I also have four regular Paddy satchels). The medium pocket is a little larger than the regular satchel (and also has straps a little bit longer). I think the tan color is very versatile. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  5. Thank you SO much for all the advice! I'm probably going to look for something in black or chocolate so I can use it into the fall when I am wearing dark colors...this style only came in sunflower, tan or ivory. But the whiskey color is tempting too!!

    Thanks, girls, you're the best!
  6. Good luck finding a bag you love. In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with Chloe!!!
  7. I have the bag you have pictured, and I also have a regular Paddington too. I love them both.

    The bag pictured is much larger, so if you prefer or need a bigger type of bag, then it's great. The regular Paddington is a great bag too, I love it, but it does not hold as much. My reg Paddy is chocolate, and I find it too dark to use in the summer. The bag pictured comes in many other colors besides what's being offered on Neimans or Bergdorfs. Mine is a metallic color. It's a great neutral.

  8. I have this same bag pictured, also in tan. I also have a classic paddy in choco. LOVE them both. If you like bigger bags, this one you posted is bigger. Weight-wise, they're the same. But I think the classic paddy is a good FIRST Chloe. BTW, welcome to the forum:welcome:
  9. ^^i agree~~whisky is the best color, can basically go with everything~!!!
  10. Alrighty, I've canceled this and am going to get something in whiskey or choco to start. I'll find my first Paddy here soon! Stay tuned for more...
  11. Good luck and Let us know please....
  12. OK, I'm a dork. I don't know why I am so hung up on this bag so I have ordered it (again!) and once I see it IRL I'll know for sure.
  13. I like it and when it's empty (it looks full w/ all the stuffing), it's sooo beautiful... :love:
  14. Good luck, show us some pictures when you get it, BTW what color did you get? I understand you wanting a darker for the fall, but I think most of their colors are great year round, I got an ivory Betty and I'm looking forward to using it with my cream wool winter coat......
  15. I just bought my first Chloe about a week ago and got the same bag in Chocolate. I preferred the darker color and after trying on both bags (the satchel and the paddington) I went with the satchel. I liked that it had more space and that the straps fit over my shoulder much better. I also felt that it hung better on me. I guess its a personal preferance, but I was able to resist until they came out with this bag, but it did me in!

    BTW, I just noticed you are in Seattle, that is where I had the opportunity to fondle these bags for the first time! Most of the Nordstroms in the area carry them and I think they are leaning towards the whiskey, tan, and chocolate colors. Hubby is working in Bellvue, WA for awhile and we visited him often. I just LOVE the mall in Bellvue!!