Finding Out it's fake...5 years later!

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  1. I found out one of the first items I purchased on ebay was fake. I was newly into designer items and I was very naive in thinking "No way would someone sell a fake! That would be wrong!". Well, I recently realized one of the bags I purchased over 5 years ago is fake. I looked up the seller and surprise, they are no longer an ebay member.

    I'm guessing it's too late to do anything about it, right?
  2. Yes - it's way too late. So sorry that happened.
  3. Yes, that ship has sailed. Sorry. We were all beginners once.
  4. Yes, way too late! :sad:

    Sorry to hear you were sold a fake. Now I have to ask: is it (now) an obvious fake?
  5. ^^In my defense, it's a really good fake. lol. The only off thing is the back of the hardware. Wrong kind of screws!
  6. haha ;) Well be glad that it wasn't completely obvious! Sorry about the bag, but I hope you enjoyed wearing it all these years. What will you do with it now?
  7. Way too late....
  8. Sorry to hear this. If it´s a Balenciaga and you suspect it´s fake due to the screws you might want to post pics and have it authenticated. They used different screws on older Bbags (if that is the brand). Maybe it´s not fake.
  9. ^good suggestion... maybe it isn't after all.. worth authenticating though
  10. Sorry to hear that OP. What designer bag was it btw?
  11. It was a Louis Vuitton.
  12. if the seller is still on ebay, i would report it. you cant do anything but maybe you can keep them from selling more fakes in the future!
  13. Have you posted photos for authentication yet? It would have to be a stunningly good LV fake for the back of the screws/rivets to be the only thing that didn't look right.
  14. This is a good suggestion.