Finally gave in: Cartier Love Bracelet

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  1. Thank you so much for the modeling pics! This is so helpful!
  2. Man....I should sell my chanel and get one...
  3. Wow this looks so good on you! I am totally debating what to get as a push gift for baby #1 :smile: - and I was leaning away from the love bracelet which I think hubby loves and wants me to pick (it actually matches his wedding ring exactly) .

    Can I ask if you like wearing it on your right hand? That is what I think I want to do as well, but does it get in your way when you type, etc ? Also are you getting use to the weight and feel ? Bother you at all? That is just something I don't know.

    I am torn between this or updating my 2ct e-ring setting with maybe a diamond halo setting because I know I have to wear that forever ;) however, I truly do love the way my e-ring is now, and I am slightly superstitious to change it . But seriously I think your post just tipped the scale back to the love bracelet! So exciting!
  4. Thanks kellymcd, darkangel and missD, I'm happy to be able to help out in any way I can, since it's so hard to purchase something sight unseen, and going through the motions of returning or exchanging it for the "correct" size. TPFers have been so helpful in posting mod pics and tips on sizing and all, and I just had to return the favor. :supacool: You guys are the best!

    babybumpkins: Hey there congrats on your upcoming baby. Am so excited, a push gift, what a brilliant idea. :cutesy: That's so sweet of DH, and having good taste at that.

    I'm actually left handed, so I prefer to wear it on my right hand and my watch on the left (if that makes sense). Yes it does get in the way when I type, but I do have a wrist cushion to avoid banging it on the table and while working or at home, I wear a baller id bracelet over my love bracelet to at least protect it from getting unwanted scratches... (a tip I got from one of the threads here at TPF.) The weight is no bother at all, sometimes I even forget that I have a bangle on. I believe this is a timeless, classic piece of jewelry, and if you really love the style and the meaning to the love bracelet, I would suggest you go ahead and purchase it. You can always upgrade your lovely E-ring (which I think weighs more than the love bracelet) :happydance: If and when you're comfortable with the idea, since you did mention about loving this style and prefering to keep it in the original state.

    Oh, do keep me posted on which you do decide on.
  5. Thanks again for all your help!
    You know the funny thing? I actually also have a Santos watch too - but lady size.
    Which is such a bummer, it was the first nice thing my hubby and i bought together about 10 years ago - he got the size you have and i have the lady size ....but for years now I SO WISH I had the larger size now. I feel like it would look funny though if I wore mine like you do with my smaller watch, one on each wrist. Perhaps because my watch is so much thinner so it would be too matchy with the love bracelet? Perhaps I should go in the store and try to stack them together on one wrist? OR instead get in gold? not sure...

    They don't let you try them on in the store though until you buy correct? IT has to be the cuff first?
  6. @babybumpkins: When I was in Cartier figuring out what color gold to get, I was allowed to try on the cuffs. I understand that, since they don't want to scratch up the LOVE bracelets. They have a set of mock ones to determine your size, those are very helpful!
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