Finally gave in: Cartier Love Bracelet

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  1. ^ Thanks, I was going to ask the same question. I love how loose the bracelet looks on you and you can pair it with another bracelet of a different design. How do you like it loose by itself? Are you used to it moving up and down or do you push it up to stay stationary? How far up your arm does it go?

    I have a cuff that is a size bigger than my 'normal' size according to the Cartier website so I am debating if I should keep it and wear it loose. Seeing your pictures I am inspired!
  2. Thank you so much! That is incredibly helpful and so kind of you to take the time to do that. Now I'm even more filled with anticipation and excitement for my own. :yahoo:
  3. It looks great, congratulations! I also love how you paired it with your balenciaga bracelet.
  4. wow! looks amazing on you! congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Yeh she's holding up ok, no big scratches so far & I've worn a few bracelets with her, I love the look of your charity bracelet with your love bangle I'm thinking of getting the trinity on a cord to go with mine. :yahoo:
  6. Its pretty....I love your Balenciaga leather bracelet too.
  7. Love the Bal bracelet... is it recent?
  8. That's a great help/comparison - thanks for posting!
  9. Congratulations on your wg Love bracelet! It looks amazing on you and paired with your other bracelets!. My first watch was a Cartier Santos. It's great to see yours is well loved as well. :smile:
  10. Looks fabulous so glad you finally got what you have been waiting for you have great classic jewelry congrats.
  11. The bracelet looks GREAT on you:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. I am thinking about adding a simple silk cord to complement my Love bracelet. I love the look of your Bal with your Love!
  13. Hi TavelBug, thanks, I normally push it up when I pair it with other bracelets (afraid of getting them scratched), but if I'm wearing it with my Bal bracelet, I just let her be. When I wear her alone, I do give her the freedom to move around.

    I read somewhere in the thread that some ladies use baller bracelets to protect theirs from scratches when doing "dirty" works. I tried to look for baller bracelets but they were all to big for my sized 16 bracelet, so I ended up buying those rubber thingees, those kinds they use to assist in opening those capped bottles so it doesn't get slippery while opening them, haha. And it works as well. TPF is such a good place to learn stuffs, lot's of brilliant minds here. :woohoo:

    bink: Yehay, do post pictures once you get yours! You're very much welcome my dear!

    materialgurl: thanks for the birthday greetings! :Partyhat:

    kbella86, lubird217, addiction and sweetie_sg: thanks so much

    karenbabi: Oooh we're twinnies on the Cartier Santos, thanks!
  14. For some of you who are wondering how high up it goes and how low it rides, here are some pics for your reference.



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  15. All of these pictures are really helpful! Thanks. I love the layered look with other bracelets. I also really like the looser fitting love bangle
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