finally found a purseket!!!

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  1. after weeks and weeks of searching, i finally found a purseket:yahoo:

    i've heard of it and seen it so many times in this forum, i've searched and scoured malls all over and finally got one yesterday in a small kiosk in a mall.......

    i was quite happy with tha sag of my damier speedy 30 but you have to admit the speedy is a bag abyss without an organizer so i decided to look for one, and finally.........

    OOH and it's dirt cheap too, i got it for 280 pesos (Philippine currency), that's about $5.50 in US currency........
    IMG_0395.JPG IMG_0394.JPG IMG_0397.JPG
  2. Congrats, I love that material!!!
  3. love the satin too! thanks for posting the pix, i am hunting down pix of how purseket will look in a speedy 30, and bam saw ur post ^^:P
  4. very nice, where did u purchase it?
  5. I love the material ... what a great idea:yes:
  6. That's so great, blu_77!
    Congrats for the purseket!
  7. COngrats!! now ur bag'd be so organized :smile: YAY!!!
  8. i'm going home in january so you have to tell me where to go in manila. my mono speedy is certainly "too roomy" without it. thanks in advance!!!
  9. Looks so good!
  10. from a small kiosk in glorietta, makati......

    shop's name is bagaholic

    BTW, it's also available in red, black and hot pink!!!!!
  11. looks great!
  12. Congrats.
  13. thanks. will definitely pass by there in jan!
  14. I like it. I like it better than the ones with designs on them. Looks like you have it all very organized.

  15. Congrats - LOVE that it's satin!!!