Finally Deana Has Her Pictures Of 08 Pink And Comparison Photos Too!


Aug 22, 2006
Okay ladies here I am finally with photos of 08 Pink to post. Since I am known as the 05 BG Pink Queen around here, I have to tell you all, I am crazy for 08 BG Pink as well! I have had my criticisms of late regarding the quality control issues with new bags, and the customer service issues at Bal, NYC, and I was quite worried when I saw the initial pictures of 08 Pink. It looked very dark to me, and like nothing at all that resembled pink.

I am very happy to say that Balenciaga has really won my heart again with 08 BG Pink. I got a City and a First, and the City absolutely blew me away! It truly took my breath away like only bags from past seasons have done. The color is gorgeous, and the leather is thick, smooshy, and very similar to my favorite year for leather 2005. The tassels which were incredibly thin and fragile in 2006 and 2007, are super thick and not fragile at all. On to Bal in NYC. I have a new SA named Bill and he is sweetheart, and has done his best to pick out bags that I will love! And because of him, I am not afraid to call Balenciaga anymore!

Since the First was a shade darker than the City, and the leather was more distressed, I was on the fence on whether it was a keeper. A day later Bill called to say there was a Pink Day that came in with my name on it, and as soon as I saw a photo of it, I knew I wanted to exchange the First for the Day. It will be my first Day bag so I am very excited. It will be arriving tomorrow or Thursday. Okay I will shut up now and get to the photos....




Above the bags are photographed outside in direct sunlight. Below is some indoor photos, the first of both bags is without flash.


Below the City alone indoors without flash...


Below is the City again indoors, but with using the flash...


Below are some very realistic comparison photos using the mirrors. On the left I have two mirrors from my 05 BG First and City, in the middle are the mirrors from the 08 bags, the darker one being the one that came with the First, and on the right are the mirrors that came with my 05 Magenta Box and City. The more purple looking mirror belongs to my more purple Magenta Box...


The last photo in this group is more fun with mirrors. The mirrors from all my bags...


Comparison photos up next!


Aug 22, 2006
And on to include the 05 Magenta, 05 BG Pink, and 08 BG Pink comparisons. Starting with two City's 08 BG Pink and 05 Magenta......


3 City's 05 Magenta, 08 BG Pink, and 05 BG Pink...





Okay 2 First's 05 & 08 BG Pink, 2 City's 05 & 08 BG Pink, and 1 Box 05 Magenta...


And lastly a fun photo to show what a lucky girl I am to have to different colored 05 Magenta bags...



Aug 22, 2006
I definitely looooove the 08 BG! When you said you are happy with the 2008 BG leather and color, I am sold!!!
Good! I am really glad!! I could not say enough great things about it, and you know me, the only thing I usually go on about, is how awesome Bbags from past seasons are! Truly, 08 BG Pink has won me over just like the 05's have! Here is a photo of the Day that is heading my way...



Bag Lady
Jul 15, 2007
Deana I'm SO happy you love the 08 BG! And, like usual, you have the very BEST photos so we can truly see what the colors look like. I can't wait to get my BG!!! It's really a lovely pink - nothing like the swatches we saw.


Saved by grace
Mar 19, 2007
Deana- I was waiting for you to chime in- just to see your opinion counts b/c you know your pinks! I love your analysis and I will want a BG 08 first AND a 08 Magenta twiggy. Wow- that's quite a variation if you're a BAL gal- my friends will look at me like I'm nuts for having two pink bags. :upsidedown:

loooove the pictures thank you for posting them!!!