Final Beige Boy decision - pictures of both!

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  1. I promise, this is my last beige boy post!! I finally picked up the lighter original medium size boy. I already had the M/L chevron boy and have posted pics previously.

    I'm trying to decide which to keep.

    If I keep the medium boy, I feel it's better sized for me, but I don't like the color as well.

    If I keep the M/L boy, I love the color, but feel I would be limited to just wearing it on the shoulder. I feel at 5 feet tall, it's just too big crossbody.

    So....please let me know your thoughts!

    Or... do I just wait and get a brighter color for summer?

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  2. they are both gorgeous.
    I'm the same height as yours, IMO the original medium suits you better. :smile:
  3. Since you did the Chevron in Black and you like the "old" medium size better, I vote for the the light beige old medium. I do really like that dark beige color too though...
  4. Wait until you find the perfect one for size and color!! Don't settle because you will regret it down the road.
  5. The Chevron one is too big. I vote for the lighter original medium size boy, it looks nice on you!:smile:
  6. I ended up purchasing the classic quilt in the black and will be returning the chevron black bag. The classic quilt is calfskin, not lambskin so not as delicate, and I just liked it better. I should be getting it this week!
  7. I know - the color is TDF in the darker beige.

  8. LOL...don't mind me I thought I read it in your post. I'm seeing things!
  9. I like the old medium size on you more.... But if you aren't keen on that coo rid wait for the right color then....