FENDI REVEALS- *Post photos of your newest additions here*

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  1. Got a new strap for my Kan I bag:heart:

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  2. Finally, my first Fendi. The iconic Monster eyes have stolen my heart for YEARS, so when I saw this bag, it was absolute love at first sight. Say hello to my little Friendi (lol): the Kan I Monster with GHW.
  3. Hello! You are so cute!
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  4. My new to me from Fashionphile Fendi Peekaboo Essentially in Gray/Pink with the silver Hardware.

    IMG_20190607_170615_587.jpg IMG_20190607_170615_585.jpg IMG_20190607_170615_586.jpg
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  5. The latest addition to my family. My first Fendi ever. I believe this colour is called Dessert and just got released recently. Love love love!!!

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  7. Thank you so much I am loving the pop of pink. :smile:
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  8. Your bag looks amazing.

    I am eyeing on a white peekaboo essentially recently. May I know if the leather get scratches easily? How's the metal hardware holding up? Does the interior lining got scratch marks after use?
  9. The leather is amazing and so soft no scratches on the inside or outside of the bag and it is pre-loved. No marks on the hardware either mini is in the silver, honestly it is in great shape she must not have used it much at all if she did it holding up beautifully. I have had no issues so far using it, no marks anything. When Fashionphile says excellent condition they really mean it the bag is like new. I love the look, feel and size of this bag. Good luck on your decision it is a great bag.
  10. Oh now I’m like this close to get a one after your reply. May I know around how much u pay for yours?
  11. My first Fendi

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  12. Preloved from Fashion $2700.00 USA dollars
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  13. 87D37598-A204-423F-8FAC-54A76E7D92D6.jpeg My first fendi bag, got it brand spanking new for 40% off with an additional 20% discount from my fav online retailer mytheresa, super stoked for this red beauty :nuts:
  14. C46A9385-69C6-49F3-9F0C-55B8A91EE732.jpeg Here’s another pic :doh:
  15. That is FAB!! The color, the style, EVERYTHING! ENJOY!!!
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