FENDI REVEALS- *Post photos of your newest additions here*

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  2. Yesterday I finally received my Fendi monster compact wallet from Fendi.com. The leather feels so good. It’s cute and compact. Just right for my smaller bags.

  3. I love it! Its so viciously luxe!
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  4. Loving my new peekaboo mini selleria. I am shocked at just how much this bag holds! IMG_2505.JPG IMG_8886.JPG
  5. Oh, I love him!!! <adds to Christmas list>

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  7. This is my first Fendi bag; I just bought this past weekend! I bought this bag on the whim after eyeing it for about a couple of months now. It’s the 1974 Mini Double F, I believe. Let me know what you think, because I haven’t seen anyone post about this bag. :smile:

    70A69277-92E3-4D95-A974-D11F6E002AF2.jpeg 6F0C6237-59FC-473C-9185-FFECFF7B1B45.jpeg
  8. That is GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Can you post mod shots? I’ve been eyeing this one too!
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    6CFB948B-F64B-4D62-90B8-104B359BA1D2.jpeg 567E367B-CAFD-4E8B-A9DE-071449FD00DB.jpeg 4C2DBD59-0FC7-4E90-95F7-AA5F247637CC.jpeg
    I’m about to have lunch with my dad, so ignore the casual outfit. LOL, but the purse is also casual so you can see it fits! Also, I am 5’4” as a reference so the bag stops right at my hip when cross body.

    The purse is definitely small, but it’s a little bigger than I thought. It fits my essentials, so phone (iPhone 7+) and my YSL card holder, and my hair clip. I’m sure I can fit a couple of other things, but nothing I need at the moment.
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  11. Cute!!!
  12. Sorry for the late reply. It did for me on the computer ‍♀️ It showed which stores still had it in stock.
  13. The Cabazon outlets.
  14. Love how I can change my bag up with the strap you. Next purchase is a defender for the bag. IMG_4898.JPG
  15. I saw this beautiful Fendi mon tresor sitting pretty in Harvey Nichols, but it’s similar to my LV Alma bb, and I couldn’t justify it, also does anyone feel like Fendi is one of those brands that made a come back and may phase out? Like a trendy piece? Hence why I couldn’t justify it, if it wasn’t classic. What are your thoughts?

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