February Podium - how does it work?

  1. OK, it won't be a few more months before February but from what I think I understood from an earlier thread discussing special orders etc (I am sure you know which thread I am referring to), all store managers will place their bag orders in February and then another time in July.

    So, logically speaking, isn't it best to convey to our store managers what we would like, so she/he can include it in her quota? Theoretically speaking, how soon will Feb podium orders arrive at the store? Do all the Feb orders get delivered before the July podium, and that a July podium marks a clean slate? Or is it just a rolling period till the bags are made and shipped to the stores?
  2. here's a dumb question on special ordering - I never knew it was a big deal because in Germany I would just walk into a store and special order what I wanted - now admittedly it was not a birkin - just a couple of leather combos I wanted in belts - certain colors reversible etc. and they just wrote it up and said be patient. Maybe it's different with small leather goods but here at my local H - private owned store - they don't seem to want to do any special orders - even on small leather goods. Is this usual in American Hermes or just privately owned ones? Right now I want a pm karo in togo.
  3. Oh yes while we are on this topic I have a few questions of my own!

    1. If an item is suppose to arrive in Spring 07 - does that mean (fashion seasons) Feb-March or (true spring dates) April-May ???

    MrsS. I'm not sure how it works but I suspect the managers actually don't need to be in Paris to place orders I think because I had placed my order in...September after the July podium but when I checked about the status of my order my SA told me its placed already so it will arrive in the Spring of 07'....I thought I had to wait till Spring to have the order placed but apparently not!

    Anyways look forward to learning more about this! :smile: Thanks for starting this wonderful thread!
  4. Yorelica, yours sounds like a special order.
  5. Yorelica, can you find out from your SA whether the order was actually confirmed by the headquarter or if your SA said it's coming in Spring because that's the typical timeline?

    The reason I ask is that my friend supposedly has a special order that they placed through the store level but they still hadn't gotten any confirmation after over a year.
  6. Is it the same time every year?
    And do they send in the orders twice a year only?

    Because when I ordered my Kelly, the manager said it was not a problem especially because she was going be sending in all her orders for Kellys very soon, which was in May. So if they waited until July to send it in, that means they made my bag pretty, pretty fast.. like 3 months?
  7. thanks HG! your always of such help!

    Kuo - thanks for giving me the heads up!! well mine was the only one on the list she had that has been sent out/marked off and says it'll arrive in the Spring...the others were still blank.... anyhoooooo.. I don't mind if the bag comes later (more time for me to save up!) but I guess I would like it for my graduation...hehehe

    bellagazer oooh I think it should come anytime! (actually I dont know anything but I hope yours comes soon!)

  8. WHat are you planning on ordering ??? :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  9. katyc, I am still thinking very very hard. I actually need to assess my chances with our store manager, with regard to podium orders and make the best out of it. So in short, I don't know.
  10. I do all my special ordering from a privately-owned Hermes store because they let me! However, neither of my orders has come in yet. My store manager advised me that 25cm Kellys actually take longer to make (or something like that). I've been waiting way over a year for one order and almost a year for another.

    I am sorely tempted to be a total copy cat and order a 25cm forest green Kelly with vert anis piping.... :love:
  11. I would die for a choc box calf with orange piping or choc box calf with orange or red or pink constrast stitching .... When can I order this?!!! :confused1: :crybaby:
  12. Wouldn't that be heaven, mrsS! Choc and orange is such an amazing combo and in boxcalf.. now that's just too fabulous!

  13. In a kelly or birkin ???
    You may want to discuss it with your SM. Box SOs seem to be a no no :confused1:
  14. ^^ A 30cm Birkin or 32cm HAC!

    It's absolutely puzzling why box calf order is not possible when I keep reading posts of members spotting box calf Birkins/Kellys all over the shop!

  15. I'm puzzled too. The PFers are saying maybe box has gone back to normal production ??

    Maybe you should ask your SA. It seems they are doing alot of Swift and Liegee this season. Swift bags are EVERYWHERE !!!

    Thank God I'm not box-crazy :roflmfao: