Fall/Winter 2008 scarf designs

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  1. http://www.luxury-scarves.com/forum/showthread.php?t=217

    Hi all -
    Just had to post this info put up by Pete at L-S:

    Fall/Winter 2008 designs!
    I've just seen the new designs for this fall and there are some real beauties!

    For new designs there will be 12.

    Beloved India by Philippe Dumas- shows a wall painting illustration of an elephant
    Coupons Indiens by Aline Honoré- close-up of various Indian fabrics as if they were on display at a marketplace
    Au Fil De L'Inde by D. Rybaltchenko- Design made up of only two threads which create a
    desert landscape
    Aux Portes Du Palais
    by Christine Henry - shows elaborate and decorative doors
    Offrandes D'Un Jour by D. Rybaltchenko - aerial view of flora landscaping
    Tout En Quilt by Cathy Latham - patchwork design with exquisite detailing of Indian miniatures
    Dancing Pearls by Virginie Jamin - An explosion of pearls!
    Les Chevaux Qataris by Hubert de Watrigant - shows arabian horses from Qatar
    Carre en Carres - 5 Vertical strips of different Hermes scarf patterns spliced together
    Attrape Tes Reves by Leigh Cooke- Large Hermes logo in the center with ribbons
    Fantaisie Pittoresque by Francoise Houtin - Overgrown gardens, like ancient ruins
    De Passage A Moscou by Nathalie Vialars - Aerial view of Moscow

    There will also be 5 recolorations
    -Chasse En Inde
    -Aux Pays Des Espice
    -Les Cles
    -La Rosee

    70cm scarves in Soie Vintage with come in 6 designs
    Tigre Royal
    -Les Coupes
    -Perspective II
    -Chaines Et Gourmettes
    -En Disordr

  2. Thanks for that Abby. Any idea what cashmere GM shawls we can look foward to?

  3. The only cashmere GM I can recall is Tohu Bohu. :yahoo:
  4. That's my question, too. I picked up the Marwari one in a soft pink background, and I adore it. Now I want MORE! LOL

  5. Cashmere Shawls - I know of Chasse En Inde and Tapis Volant (Flying Carpet). Janice

  6. I know Tapis Volant is coming out in the cashmere PM for Fall - is it in GM also? That would be wonderful. I love the pattern, but none of the colorways on the last go round suited me. :crybaby:
  7. Luvbolide, My stars, I just looked at my list, indeed you are correct, PM Cashmere, NOT GM Cashmere. Sorry for the misinformation.
  8. When do these hit the stores?
  9. Oh no...Aux portes de palais has my name on it even tho I havent seen it. I love the Zanzibar doors (not sure if anyone here has had the opportunity to see them either in Znz or in a museum) and my Mughal heritage makes me adore the jali work found in mughal architecture...this scarf might just be my next grail!!!
  10. Anybody seen a mouseline scarves in real person by any chance? I was looking at a scarf (it is 100% silk but in transparent form, like silk chiffon) that has the indi motifs. The scarf itself has different colors (fuschia, green, etc) and it looks very springy. According to a SA, it is a special limited edition. If someone here has little info about this or pics, please share...greatly appreciate. Thanks