Fake Coach, ew.

  1. I hate to say it but seriously I do get aggravated when I see someone with a fake Coach, especially on campus in my classes.

    This one girl's had C's that were all crooked and I don't know what happened but it was missing a metal ring at one point and she had it being held together with one of those neon pink metal keyholders, kind of like mountain climber hooks (no idea what they're called) and then a leather zipper pull was all ripped and threads coming out.
    And even a friend of mine had a fake Coach today, the C's were singular and the handle, ugh... the handle was all bent up and had white threads coming out all over the thing.
    Then same first girl today with a fake Coach and it looks pretty new so we'll see the damage of it falling apart soon enough.

    So many people CANNOT tell at all. So it's like, it looks like Coach is cheap crap when people walk around with fakes. Like I must look like a huge idiot for having large Coach totes for 3-$400 that will "end up looking like those anyway."

    Know what I mean? No it shouldn't matter but at the same time... yeah, that irks me.
  2. I hate fakes... they make the real ones look bad.
    Have you ever seen like the Target brand that makes the purses and wallets look like coach. That is so nasty too haha
  3. Lately I've seen so many of the brown "optic signature" swingpacks......so sad.
  4. I see alot of fake coachs.
  5. I see a lot of fake everything but when I carry it authentic I care.
  6. I'm curious....what did those Target bags look like?
  7. My mom has one and they have tiny Cs all over them. She has the wallet that has a buckle on it. It doesnt look exactly like the wallets. But maybe it was inspired by coach. Finally I got her a real one of the signature stripe envelope wallet in punch. I just had to cause that wallet had to go.
  8. You know what I hate a fake coach bag all the same but no need bring someone down you know? Some ppl just cant afford the pricey price tag that comes along with trying to fit in and have the IT items! Im thinking this is why ppl have such low self esteem and have to do things like this! You know they prolly might think that you to have a fake coach purse! They might not even know they have a fake one unless they paid $30 for it.

    Just my 2 cents Im adding in. If ppl didnt buy fake bags then there would be no knockoffs and then some ppl wouldnt have anyone to talk about now would we?
  9. Yeah, it's annoying. The fake ones always look so ugly to me.
  10. Many people really dont even know they are carrying a fake Coach.

    Some people dont care because they cant afford to drop $200 on a handbag.

    So, it really doesnt bother me.

    I do feel bad for people who get scammed on eBay and have no clue they just dropped $200+ for a fake, but they probably just dont know.
  11. By the way, it's called a carabiner.
  12. But if it looks like crap and falls apart, what's the point? There's some closer fakes but I mean, way crooked Cs on a Coach bag and to have it break and rip, there's just no point. I've spent only $50 on no-name bags and never have had that problem. It's not quality that fakes are selling. But they may not even know, that's right... but still.. I mean they must know if it's that far off, but who knows.
  13. I totally agree, but some ppl dont care, and then some ppl dont even notice. I would have never noticed if it werent for this board!!!

    I would rather have a nice quality bag that will last me years!
  14. (lol) okay, thanks.
  15. as long as mine is authentic i don't care hehehe. ;)