Factory Outlet

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  1. Dear all,

    We all know that most designer brands had their outlets stores. My friends and I were discussing it the other day, so does Hermes have one actually? It's almost like a myth....some said yes..some said no...those who said yes, could not pinpoint the location. It's quite frustrating ain't it?

    So question is yes or no?
  2. No. And I doubt they ever will. It goes against every marketing idea they've ever had.
  3. Nope, they never have, and I agree that they won't in the future.
  4. :heart:Agreed!! :tup: I will :crybaby:if they have one.... or "plan" to have one...:cursing:
  5. They do have sales, though.

  6. TIA. Even having a sale takes away from brand mystique.
  7. Bluefly.com always seem to have a small selection of reduced Hermes - like an online outlet.
  8. I've heard that they incinerate the ex-stocks that cannot be sold off at the sales (mostly RTW). If they would do that, I highly doubt there will ever be a Hermes Factory Outlet. However, I was shopping the other day and walked into this shop that sold off season stuff from different designers and they were selling Hermes T-shirts from many, many seasons ago (the one with the ribbon prints) and I was a little shocked to see it there. :confused1:
  9. Perhaps that's why Louis Vuitton never had any outlets and sales....:biggrin:

    Well...without the outlet, we can always flock to sales...but just a little sorry for those stuff that were incinerated after the sales though.
  10. Small quantities of stuff do go 'astray' - especially if the resellers are on the ball at the sales but the stuff that can't be sold is incinerated. I've discussed with my SAs how they hate sending goods to the flames. A factory outlet is consumerism not luxury and Hermes stands for luxury.
  11. I've heard that some Hermes pieces are sometimes sold at costco.
  12. I question what they actually do with the stuff that doesn't pass inspection. In "Deluxe" she says they wouldn't tell her what they do with it. If they truly burn it, why wouldn't they say so?

    There are just too many points where goods could "walk out the door" or "fall off the truck" if you get my drift.

    I've long heard that non-perfect goods make their way into the hands of savvy French women.
  13. ^^I love reading all these rumors! It is livening up my morning! I'm running over to Costco right now!
  14. Here's another thing I read in "Deluxe" (you can tell I loved that book!) -- Stores like Wal-Mart and Costco have been sued for turning a blind eye to the source of some of their merchandise. A supplier shows up offering Gucci or Nike at a really low price, so they buy and stock. It turns out to be counterfeit.

    I've seen Burberry and other luxury goods in Costco and always assume they're real. But now, I just don't know!

    Never have I seen Hermes at Costco. Can you imagine Birkin bags in the Costco 6-pack? :tup:
  15. Never have I seen Hermes at Costco. Can you imagine Birkin bags in the Costco 6-pack? :tup:[/quote]

    :lol:Or a Birkin 400cm....like those ginormous containers of laundry detergent!