F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

  1. Totally agreed with what you said about the colour.
  2. Marie (SA) at Bal boutique at City Centre Vegas (702) 262-1636 - also sent me new colors to my email. She is a good at follow up and updating her customers.
  3. Thanks patralak... Did your SA happen to include Crocus?!?!!
  4. crocus = bleute
  5. now I'm more confused, why some said bleute is bleu acier? :weird:
  6. Crocus should be the original name from the swatch and Bal might have changed it to Bluete (I'm guessing it might be due to Hermes having the same colour name - Crocus in their line). Blue Acier originated from Hgbags but they since changed it to Bluethe so I guess the official name is Bluete afterall :smile:
  7. Aptly summarised :biggrin: Didn't know Hermes has a Crocus colour as well lols but then again, these coincidences are pretty common - a colour is a colour; there aren't many ways to describe a particular shade. However, I love how Bal is pretty creative in naming its colours; like Orange Brûlée, Cassis, Mangue etc - obviously they know that we respond well with food (sweet ones in particular) :roflmfao:
  8. Here is a shot of Vert Poker City. Marie at City Center (in Las Vegas) Bal Store says they are getting limited quantities in City, First, and Work.

  9. It's here at last! ;)
  10. Wow the color is amazing!
  11. Wow! That's one happy looking Mini Pom! Congrats!!!
  12. :sunshine::sunshine:Beautiful!

  13. Thank you and Cupcake for clarifying this!!
  14. OMG :nuts:
    That is one gorgeous Mangue.
  15. FABULOUS!!! The mini pom is so perfect in fun POP colors!!!