Eye Candy Identification

  1. Can anyone identify these styles please? I LVoe the black denim and the one with the mustard trimmings.
    Black Monogram Denim.jpg Black Multicolor Vuitton.jpg Black Multicolore Vuitton.jpg Louis Vuitton Bag.jpg
  2. Look in the fall thread below.
  3. OMG I love the bag in the first pic. I have never seen this in my local store. I want one.
  4. The bag in the first pic is the denim neo cabby....will be released tomorrow, the 14th.
  5. First bag is cabby from the denim collection available in black & blue and also in a larger size
    The second is one of the newer MC's Rita I think
    The Thrid is Priscilla from Mc been out a while
    The fourth is Motard Biker in Alligator ($$$$$) from the coming fall/winter season you'll fin more info in the first link in my sig below
  6. ^^^^

    is it me, or do the handles on that MC alma in the 3rd pic look strange??
  7. they do look a bit...large. but maybe it's just the angle of the picture or something.
  8. Thanks you guys!!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    I just noticed, in this pic near the left bottom corner, don't those pieces (esp. the large flower...which looks like a keychain to me) remind you of the ALA FOLIE jewelry that Shopalicious posted in another thread awhile back?!

    Edit: Look on the right, near the bottom! There's the bangle!!!
  10. I love the alma in the one pic.
  11. I saw pics of this bag yesterday at my local LV store...so beautiful but not out yet
    I think its pretty high end and $$$
  12. Forget the bag - I love the shoes in the first pic!

    If I were a woman, I would be a baaaadddd B*tch..
  13. The Louis Vuitton Motard Biker is supposed to be released in October but there are some black ones being released now...very very limited...the particular piece you have here is the one with alligator trim and goes for about $13,500. I'm not sure where you got that picture but i'm pretty sure the biker in that picture is fake. I have seen lots of fakes trickling on the internet...the dimensions on that bag just look all wrong...and the LV stitching does not look right at all...
  14. that bag in the picture is not fake. it was for a private viewing party. the picture was taken by a fashion journalist. it may have been a prototype for the party that's why the dimensions may be off from the official released product. :tup:
  15. ^^ yes, this are photos from the South East Asian Press launch in Vietnam. definitely NOT fake :yes: