Experience with Chanel refurbishing/repair

  1. ^ It varies depending on the type of repair needed. For example, I think the fastest was within a few hours when a tPer got a replacement for a screw on her flap. For repairs that get sent to Paris, it can take on average 4-6 weeks or up to 6 months in some cases ---so your wait time seems reasonable. I think it's totally worth the wait. Your bag comes back looking as good as new.
  2. I sent in my LAX bag to have the chain replaced back in December. They called me several weeks later and gave me a quote and I had to confirm the price was ok. Then they were sending it in for the repair in Paris or UK (I forgot which), but said about 3 months. From past experience on jewelry repairs it has taken every bit of the 3 months. If you need parts it's the only way to go. Good Luck!
  3. I am soo sad & frustrated with Chanel quality!! Over a year ago I purchased a neon flap from Nordstrom. I've been very careful with it but all of a sudden the large cc buckle in front kind of loosened up so it won't close anymore which means I can't use my bag now. I'm beyond frustrated we don't have a chanel store in my country & nearest country with a chanel boutique said it'll take 6-8 months cuz they'll send it to Paris which I thought its absolutely ridicules!! Any ideas on what to do now should I send it to where I bought from? How does it work, any overseas buyers with similar situations please share your experience?
  4. I prefer to send back to Paris if there's a major fix, i.e. getting the exact color of thread or special type of hardware. I was told the fix time about 6 months, but I received mine within 4 months. Better than I expected. FYI, the Paris workshop will close in August for vacation too. But, for minor fix, i.e. fixing stitching with classic color flap, you can get it done by the local (also from Chanel boutique/dept store). If yours is purchased within a year, you should not get to pay for the reparation. HTH!
  5. Have you sent directly to Paris, or did you have to go through the local boutique. I'd love to know if I could send something to Paris for assessing. It's one of my really old bags (on the right on my avatar).
  6. Hi Girls! Last year I bought a Chanel Classic Flap lambskin bag :tup: ...and now the it looks so unshiny :cry::cry::cry::cry:!!!I mean the back of the bag is still shiny but where is the CC logo, that part became unshiny...I just wanted to know if i bring it to Chanel store where i bought it will they do some cleaning ?? DO you know if they do such things??? please help!!!:crybaby:
  7. Chanel shipped my bag to Pennsylvania for repairs and today I called b/c it was the promise date (2 months later)...they supposedly could not fix it. Now they are going to send it to the West Coast (2 more months). I am so frustrated!
  8. I just scored my mom's vintage Chanel 2.55 circa 1980s. I just realized that a nail is missing on the inside clasp. (The part that holds the CC on the front of the bad in place.) Where do I go to get a new nail? Should I take it to the Chanel boutique? Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you!!
  9. Yes. Go to CHANEL. The screws are a very specific shape and size. Getting a new screw won't cost much and will protect the bag. Good luck.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with Chanel jewelry repair? I bought a metallic leather chain cuff bracelet at an outlet about a month ago, and after wearing it about 5 times the turnlock BROKE while I was trying on clothes at Forever21 (funny how the Forever21 clothes stayed intact. The shirt just barely tugged on my bracelet, and it fell off)

    I called the outlet and he said they don't do repairs, refunds or exchanges and to call a real store, but it would cost money. Seriously??? I don't live anywhere near a Chanel store. Should I just take it to a regular jewelry store? Especially if I have to pay at Chanel anyway.. I am furious about this... I expected far better customer service, even at an outlet.
  11. ^ I took one of my Chanel pearl belts in for restringing and re-sizing about 2 years ago and they sent it into Paris for that. Took a couple of months to get it back and I was charged - forgot the amount. The funny thing was that they restrung it into a different belt style - LOL. I still like it though :smile:
  12. Is there a difference in quality of repair if I bring it to Saks vs Chanel boutique directly? Saks is less than 20 minutes from where I live, but Chanel boutique is much further. Please help. Thanks!
  13. Sorry I didn't read your questions until now.
    I bought my bag to CHANEL boutique & my SA asked me if I want to get it done in Canada or send it to Paris. I remember she marked (Paris) on the reparation request form.
  14. Another good one is Vernice. It is also a silicone product for patent leather. You can get it through Amazon. Now I want to try Tana. Thanks for finding the name and website.
  15. Thanks for the tip!!! I have a patent bag from 2007 and it looks as good as the day I bought it. But really good to know of a wonderful product should I need it in future!