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Aug 11, 2013
I think it will be a good idea to have a thread of information on this topic! The ugly side of travel but it could help inform others of things that might otherwise be overlooked.

Any experience with travel insurance? Have u had to claim something? Or do you have a particular company that you would recommend

I'll share mine first.

I'm a Sydney girl and went to HK then flew into Phuket one summer. The day I arrive, the flight was late so I ended coming in (by myself) as the sun was setting. A lot of delays and misunderstandings, I am in a cab to our accommodation. Using this really bad connection (2G internet lol) I was figuring out where I was and how to navigate. Then I just got my bad completely snatched from my hand. Lost everything including all my shopping in HK!!!!!!! OMG

I came back and tried to claim for insurance. I had all the documentation (remember go to the police station right away, if you can have a witness that would be even better). Back home, my case man (lol I don't know what they're called sorry) called me up when he received my claim application and straight out told me he doesn't believe me and he deals with scammers all the time. LOL WTF. he goes I want to see more evidence.

In this case, I was really furious. It's one thing to lose all your precious goods on your holiday. Its another to be accused of fraud simply "because we get this a lot." I said I do understand where he was coming from but I don't agree - at least not in my situation. He wanted to see original receipts (fair enough but this can be really difficult considering some of the things I bought I bought as gifts and the receipts are scattered including where it was taken in the luggage), photo that I had a suitcase with me (um I just don't have one sorry), proof that I replaced my IDs etc...

Anyway, it all fell through okay because I was persistent and I stood my ground. He was a real piss about it but after months, a payment just came in lol I think he just gave up on my case.

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Jun 9, 2007
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I didn't even know that travel insurance existed until 5 years ago. I've had great experiences with Travel Guard over the past 2 years. We previously purchased AmEx travel insurance, but when they stopped offering it, we switched to Travel Guard. We've been compensated for a hotel night that we missed due to a flight delay. We've also been compensated for expenses incurred from lost luggage. I always choose the cheapest option available and avoid the costly add-ons. It's been worth the cost so far.


Jul 28, 2014
If I am travelling within the EU I don't always get travel insurance, it really depends where I am going and how long for.

When travelling to the US I ALWAYS get insurance, and it has come in handy.. Years ago when I was in Orlando, I slipped and hit my head and it was bleeding quite heavily and had a deep cut. I went to a hospital and my parents (I was 12 at the time) left $600 lighter! They had to charge it to their credit card and then claim it back from the insurance company when we returned to the UK. Although it could have been worse and $600 isn't that bad compared to some of the stories you hear, $600 is still $600!
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Nov 13, 2006
we have older parents so I feel a LOT better getting "cancel for any reason" travel insurance
That is what we buy too. Had to file a claim recently, no questions asked on some airline tickets we couldn't use.

I know a older man who had a heart attack at sea. They had to airlift him off the ship & fly him to Thailand, closest county. ($150,000 is what we were told just for that. Helicopter, a doctor & two nurses) He was in the hospital for many days, got very good care. Then he & his wife were put in first class with a medical aid to take care of him & get them back to FL. All paid for cause of Travel Guard.