Expensive Watches!

  1. I just got the latest issue of W Jewelry and they did a spotlight on watches! And my goodness some of these things are indeed a pretty diamond penny!

    I can't find pics for most of them, but attached is a pic of one of the most expensive watches i've seen or read of to date - Jacob & Co. 18k white gold and diamond watch with alligator band: $1,000,000.

    The others mentioned:
    • $3.4 Million dollar pocket watch featuring 100 carats of diamonds by Audemars Piguet
    • $2.8 Million dollar lady's bitourbillon featuring 3 carats of white & pink diamonds by deLaCour

    That's INSANE!:shocked: I know Jacob & Co and such make up watches to a couple hundred thousand per piece, but couple million dollars! *faints* that's a frickin house on your wrist!

    Quotes from the magazine:
    They totally make Cartier, Tiffany's, Movado, TAG and the like look like chump change! :shocked:

    do you have any "expensive" watches? My mom has a few Raymond Weil and my dad collects Movado's. I on the other hand, want to pick up a TAG, a Jacob & Co, and a Piaget watch one day, but am content with my Fossil one. haha.

    edit to attach pic.. d'oh. haha.
  2. no expensive watches for me. watches in general bother me for some reason. i've seen some beautiful ones in boutiques and on celebs in mags though...like beautiful bracelets, but practical too. :smile:

    hehehe. this is what i used to tell people about my eternity band wedding ring when they gave me crap about spending money on diamonds in the back when no one would even see them. *i* see them! and it's for me anyway! :smile:
  3. I have a few 'higher end' watches, but my Patek Philippe certainly takes the cake!

    I want one of their "complicatd" Patek watches one day..
  4. I think a nice watch is a must have for any wardrobe but the amount of $$$ you spend unfortunately is not indicative of style. I would love to own an Audemars Piguet. I think they are just so classy. I think Jacob watches for the most part are just gaudy. But to each his own and you must do what makes you happy.
  5. i do own some expensive watches but only from the real manufacturers ! jacob ets are fashion watches and to spend money on that is like standing under a cold shower fully clothed and putting 100$ bills down the drain with your toe ;) they loose their value in no time wile when you spend on a highly reputed watchmaker brand (patek, audemars, rolex) they do keep their value and mybe become collectors pieces :flowers:
  6. lilah has a great point..i usually buy expensive watches and i pay that much because its a higher name in the jewllery world and it will always have a great value..but for jacob &co i had to stop for a while and think about it.i was amazed at first because all of the celebrities that were fashioning this watch (actors and singers) but when i thought about it i found that its just a fashion watch that wont hold its value or reputation for a long time, so i had to go back to my old favourites..chopard,rolex,piaget.

    my dream watchs now r Patik phillip and cartier..they have such elegance and status..(sigh)..have to plan for one soon:heart:
  7. There is something for everyone!
  8. I agree--a watch should be bought from an established watchmaker. To my eye, the vintage ones are much more beautiful than the current offerings. A 1930s Rolex doesn't compare to the current ones which to me all look like sport watches. But, watches are very personal. Everyone's taste is different.
  9. DH has been collecting watches since he started his first *real* job. He has watches from Gucci, Tag, to Rolex. I think that's why he understands my obssesion with purses :amuse:

    Personally I'm not really into watches. My only real expensive watch is a B zero 1 watch from Bvlgari. But I wear my cheap Guess watch daily.
  10. wow thats alot of money for a watch!.. I currently have a watch I got in some random shop in SoHo that I got for $85. Its skinny faux alligator strap,and it has a skinny oval pave cz studds around it,with a pink back I like it alot!. My mom is getting me a pink burberry watch for my birthday so that will be my first "watch"..
  11. Just As Kellybag Said.....There Are Watches For All!

    I Have Always Been A Crazy Designer Watch Girl! My Husband Also Has A Nice Collection Of Watches.

    I've Have Quite A Few I Want For My Son.......I Know He's Only 3! .....But, He Wants All Of My Husband's! He Has A Cute One From Sesame Stret Live! Ha! We Will Probably Buy One For Him & Put It Away For A Little Bit.
  12. I have a Cartier Roadster that I got for graduation that is my daily watch. I also have a Gucci watch (that I got for free) that I wear if I'm going to be out late in a sketchy area. I work for a fashion company that sells watches so I have plenty of our brand too - but I'm too much of a snob to wear them (except to meetings for work, but then I put my Cartier back on!)

  13. I just got a Movado one a few days ago and that's my most expensive watch right now...I LOVE it though!!!!!
  14. i have an omega constellation and a pink-faced tag heuer. both are gifts from my parents. i end up wearing the tag alot though.
  15. Jacob teh Jeweler is awesome!
    I wear a diamond bezel Tag, I think it's teh "Uma" watch and I LOVE it! There's a pink faced one I want too!