Exciting June 2019 Purchases-Post here

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  1. Hi all, well since my time zone is always a day ahead, here’s to our exciting, new, June 2019 purchases to come. Can’t wait to see all those new releases!
  2. I bought this limited edition KinderXLouisVuitton. ;)
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  3. :lol: Nothing better then living in the future! We get ahead start early on everything! :coolio:
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  4. 400.00??? It’s limited so it’s worth it ;)
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  5. Love this special collaboration with the detachable hairy leg charm. Lmao :lol:
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  7. I just couldn't resist when this cutie popped up. Best way to kick off the first weekend of June:happydance:
    Happy Saturday everyone! IMG_7912.jpeg IMG_7913.jpeg
  8. #8 Jun 1, 2019
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    Ms Azur City Pouch :girlsigh:
    And 1 in the sun
  9. Meh. Not my flavor.
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  10. $810 :flowers:
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  11. I hope that isn't your under-roos, Fab. What a flirt...
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  12. Just polka dot denim shorts from Zara. :smile:
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  13. Pochette Truck Verticale for me and the Mono Signature Chain Belt for DH. :smile:

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